Having done four movies together, the cast of Marvel Avengers is more like a family at this point. They support each other’s successes and are there for each other through thick and thin.

So, when our beloved Thor actor Chris Hemsworth got honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was no surprise that all of his Avengers co-stars congratulated him and expressed their appreciation. While everyone could not attend the event, they shared the three words that would best describe Chris Hemsworth with Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Hemsworth Gets a Star on Walk of Fame

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder | Marvel Studios

After decades in this competitive industry, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is finally getting the recognition he deserves. From action to drama, the actor has worked in various movies that have gone on to conquer the box office. His most beloved role yet has been as Thor Odinson in the Marvel franchise. However, according to the initial reactions, his role as Dr. Dementus in Furiosa might dethrone Thor as his top feature.

Talking about Furiosa, his co-star Anya Taylor-Joy also attended the ceremony. She is also a Marvel star like Hemsworth since she played the role of Illyana Rasputin/Magik in The New Mutants. Moreover, Hemsworth’s Avenger pal Robert Downey Jr graced the occasion with his presence and he even shared the thoughts of their other team members as to what they thought about the star of the day. According to Variety, Downey shared,

What is Chris Hemsworth? Renner says, ‘Absurdly, annoyingly amazing.’ Ruffalo came in strong with ‘friend from work.’ Scarlett got to the heart of it with ‘sensitive leading lady.’ Captain America calls him the ‘second best Chris.’ And I’ll bring it to the here and now: There is no one who deserves it more. He is ‘Hollywood star recipient.’

Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers
A scene from Avengers | Marvel Studios

Even though the other Avengers could not attend the ceremony, they were there in spirit as Downey expressed their sentiments on their behalf. This is the kind of wit and humor shared by the Avengers family. Hemsworth’s real family including his wife and kids were also there to support the star on this big day. Kevin Feige, the brain behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also reached the location to congratulate and celebrate Hemsworth.

Will Chris Hemsworth be back as Thor in the MCU?

Chris Hemsworth in Thor
Chris Hemsworth in Thor | Marvel Studios

Hemsworth has always been very vocal about his love for his Thor character and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. Even though his latest venture Thor: Love and Thunder did not go as well as he hoped, that does not mean he loves the character any less. He even once claimed that he would be willing to play Thor until his hair turns gray and he grows old. However, recently Hemsworth shared that he is at a risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Since then, he has been wanting to spend more time with his family than on set.

Nonetheless, Hemsworth will be excited to return as Thor if the script and the direction his character takes is something unique. The actor is very well aware of the potholes of doing the same thing over and over again until the audience gets bored. So, he wants a fresh take on the character and how he can further help the Marvel Cinematic Universe grow larger.

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