After years and years of declining, DC has finally given the plot twist that LGBTQ has long anticipated. *Drumroll please* Robin is bisexual!

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Oh yes, that’s right! Robin came out as bisexual in the latest comic book issue of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ that dropped this Tuesday.

Robin is one of those DC characters that has long been considered gay by the audience since he has been subtly dropping hints in the books. But this time the character gained the confidence to finally come out as bisexual and accept his identity.

The story of his coming out is the cliffhanger of this latest installment. Robin is Tim Drake who fights besides Bernard. This is the ‘lightbulb moment’ for Tim where he feels something for Bernard and wants to make sense of those emotions.

He gathers up the courage and hypes himself up in the last few scenes of the comic book. Tim finally gains the courage and visits Bernard’s pad. As Bernard opens the door, he wants to ask Tim out but Tim interrupts him. He displays a sense of relief while seeing Bernard safe. He accepts to Bernard what he is feeling.

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In response, Bernard asks Tim out on a date and the comic book ends with Tim aka Robin saying ‘Yes’!

The next issue of the comic book will drop in December. Until then, comic book fans need to wait in anticipation of how the story will go.  Writers Meghan Fitzmartin, Belen Ortega, and Alejandro Sanchez made this cliffhanger a reality.

Though previously Robin has dated women, seeing him finally accepting his sexuality is a breath of fresh air. Fans have been so ecstatic about this cliffhanger that they have been expressing their happiness on social media. One fan said, “Crazy thing, I saw Tim DRAKE coming out, years ago.. congrats to DC for making it a reality.”

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