Many fans feel the true essence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was palpable when the talented Russo Brothers were at the helm. The phases culminating in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were truly beyond comparison. The two movies shocked and delighted the Marvel fandom, leaving them wanting more.

However, after the incredible success of the two movies, the Russo Brothers decided to move on to newer projects and put their creative genius to work. From big action movies like Extraction to spy thriller series including Citadel, the duo is trying to expand their filmography to diverse genres and take over the industry with their path-breaking direction and storytelling.

Russo Brothers Talk About Future Projects and Sequels

Russo Brothers' Extraction
Russo Brothers’ Extraction

The vision board at AGBO, the Russo Brothers’ production company, is filled with ambitious projects and sequels to successful movies that are well on their way to becoming a franchise. From the solemn yet pained character of Tyler Rake in the Extraction movies to the twisted murky waters in The Gray Man, the Russo Brothers thrive on intrigue and suspense.

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chris evans, the gray man
Chris Evans in The Gray Man

Reportedly, the sequel to The Gray Man is already in the works after the first movie was loved by fans. With the unique and never-before-seen pairing of Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the lead, the two actors played the hero and villain of the story respectively.

Since Evans is always in a positive role, it was refreshing to see the actor embrace the chaotic darkness and portray a villain on screen. Joe Russo is currently developing the script and direction for the sequel as he mentioned in an interview with GamesRadar,

“We’re developing concepts we think are the right direction to take the character in and so, we are working on that at the moment. I mean, you’re juggling like 14 things at the same time so you have to apportion your time correctly to each one of them.”

Thanks to their own production company now, the brothers can actively focus on interesting projects that they deem worthy of their attention. Now that we have an update on the sequel to The Gray Man, fans can be at ease, knowing that their favorite actors Gosling and Evans will return in their respective roles to take the story ahead. While fans hope the Russo Brothers figure out the direction of the story soon, some are also hoping that the sequel focuses more on character arcs than bloody action.

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Russo Brothers are working on Extraction 3

Russo Brothers' Extraction
Russo Brothers’ Extraction

Chris Hemsworth shone as Tyler Rake after pausing his adventures as Thor in the MCU. The director duo sketched out a character that suited him perfectly and Hemsworth performed it to perfection. After two successful movies already having been released, the Russo Brothers are focusing on making the third installment, bringing back the nuanced story of mercenary Rake. They confirmed the development by saying,

“Yeah, we’re developing it at the moment, figuring out Chris’s schedule. Sam Hargrave is back directing. It’s an interesting franchise because he’s a very emotionally wounded character, so there’s good storytelling there I think in respect to his backstory, and, you know, his relationship to violence is one that’s built around self-loathing and guilt. And so, it adds a lot of texture I think, which allows us to tell more stories about him.”

There is no dearth of exciting projects when it comes to the visionary Russo Brothers. They excel at joining together multiple plot points and converging storylines that begin on varied ends of the narrative. Given their history in action movies and suspense flicks, fans can expect nothing but greatness from their upcoming projects too.

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