It all began with a simple birthday wish from one Marvel hero to another. Yes, we are talking about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds here.

Reynolds celebrated his 42nd birthday this past Tuesday and seems to feel a bit salty about the birthday wish from the long-time Wolverine actor, Hugh Jackman. The hilarious exchange between the two started on Twitter, as Jackman posted, “Because I’m told that I AM THE NICEST GUY and you’re NOT […[ I will let you hug me. Just this once. On your birthday.”

Reynolds responded to the tweet a few hours later, calling Hugh a “monster” who hasn’t revealed in true nationality yet.

“He’s not even from Australia,” the actor wrote. “He’s from Milwaukee.”

The history between the two goes way back to 2011’s Wolverine, where Reynolds appeared as Wade Wilson. Reynolds has since been rooting Jackman to appear as Wolverine in one of his Deadpool films, but the actor has hung his claws after last year’s Logan. However, Reynolds still hopes for a change of heart.

Jackman has previously regretted not appearing in an Avengers or Deadpool film, but for now Reynolds will probably have to keep hoping that Jackman decides to appear in a Deadpool film.

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