Actress Sandra Bullock did her best to adjust to Ben Affleck’s bad breath due to his incessant smoking habit. However, she had to resort to desperate measures when the two of them had to do an intimate scene that involved kissing. It must have been hard for both of them but more so for Bullock due to Affleck’s stinking breath.

Actors and actresses have to compromise a lot or make drastic changes to themselves for playing roles in movies. Most of these changes and compromises are bearable because signing up in the entertainment industry demands them to be okay with a lot of things normal people would never do.

Ben Affleck as Bat Man
Ben Affleck as Bat Man

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Sandra Bullock Had to Adopt Desperate Measures

Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck starred in Bronwen Hughes’ 1999 romantic comedy Forces of Nature. They obviously had good chemistry which can be seen in the movie, but Bullock specifically had a grievance against the Good Will Hunting star as she complained of his bad breath due to smoking.

Ben Affleck with Sandra Bullock in Forces of Nature
Ben Affleck with Sandra Bullock in Forces of Nature

The Speed actress was having such a hard time in filming a kissing scene with Ben Affleck that it led to a situation that turned out to be rather embarrassing for the Batman actor. During the time of filming, a close friend of Bullock reportedly said: “Sandra Bullock recently complained that her co-star Ben Affleck had smelly breath.”    

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The Lost City had gifted Affleck a pack of mints to help him get rid of his stinking breath so that the shooting of the kissing scene could go smoothly. This gift was rather embarrassing for the Gone Girl actor who is known to be a chain smoker capable of burning through an entire pack within a day.

Ben Affleck’s Wife Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Like His Smoking Habit

Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck with Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez might be in love with Ben Affleck, but she is known to have been a health freak for a long time. So, naturally, her husband’s habit of chain smoking is not something easy to put up with for her.  An insider once gave an insight into this, saying: “Jennifer hates smoking. You do not look like Jennifer Lopez if you don’t look after your body. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t eat bad food and she certainly doesn’t smoke.”

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By the looks of it, Ben Affleck is really lucky that the Ain’t Your Mama singer is so in love with him considering how much of a health-conscious person she is. Recently, it was revealed that Affleck is trying to cut down on his smoking habit by using nicotine gum.

However, according to a friend, JLo isn’t any less bothered by Ben Affleck’s constant chewing of nicotine gum to avoid lighting up a cigarette. The Mother star seems to hate her husband’s smoking habit, but an insider said that her nagging might have only made Affleck’s condition worse.

Source: RadarOnline

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