Canadian-American actor Sandra Oh is best known for portraying the character of Dr. Cristina Yang in the famous medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The multi-talented personality is not only a great actor but also a producer. She has starred in and as well as co-produced the thriller drama series Killing Eve, which earned her four Emmy Nominations too.

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh

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Sandra Oh has been associated with projects like Airliss, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Sideways. To impact someone’s life by playing a certain character or a role is beyond comprehension. Not many people know, that the Grey’s Anatomy actor influenced actor Bowen Yang’s life in a meaningful way.

Sandra Oh Unknowingly Changed Actor Bowen Yang’s Life Trajectory

The Lost City actor Bowen Yang has idolized Sandra Oh ever since he saw her as Cristina Yang in the widely watched medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. He was so influenced by the character of the badass and fiery doctor that he went on to pursue majors in Chemistry, enrolled in pre-med classes, and even took MCAT as a college-going student. According to a little-known fact about The Monkey King actor’s life, his career could have been on a different trajectory in the world of medicine.

But as years went by, the 32-year-old actor realized that he did not belong to the world of white-collared medical representatives, but his actual interest lay in the realm of lights, cameras, and action.

Sandra Oh
Bowen Yang in The Lost City

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He understood that he wasn’t influenced by Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy, but by actor Sandra Oh who portrayed the character. During an interview with the reputed media outlet Vanity Fair, the Australian actor spoke about meeting Sandra Oh and how he just could not believe he was complimented by her. He said-

“She was like, ‘You did it better than me. I was like, ‘No freaking way. Is Sandra Oh telling me that I did a better job at her monologue than she did?’ She’s one of our finest actresses. That was kind of the highlight for me, in terms of full-circle moments.”

Sandra Oh took Bowen Yang’s hands in hers and mentioned that she had seen his lip sync homage video to Cristina Yang, and felt that he did it better than her.

Sandra Oh On Her Exit From The Grey’s Anatomy

Everybody loved Cristina Yang for her no-filter approach to her colleagues, her organic bonding with her person Meredith Grey, and her zero tolerance for drama. Sandra Oh’s portrayal of Cristina Yang went on to make her a household name in the early 2000s. After being associated with the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy in 2005, the actor took an exit after ten seasons in 2013.

During an interview with the media outlet Deadline, the Canadian-American actor spoke about her exit from the show. She said-

“It must have been at the end of maybe season 8 or 9… I just remember having this walk and Shonda [Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy], we were just walking and she was like, ‘What do you want to do? I think we must have just fallen into a time when you have to renegotiate, so what’s the timing of what you want to renegotiate?

Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang and Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy

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While talking about the creator of the show Shonda Rhimes, the actor said-

“And I’ve always been very respectful and very grateful for my relationship with Shonda because we were able to have this kind of conversation. And she was open to say, ‘What would you like to do?’, so to be included in that way, I’m always grateful. And I think it was just all creative. All creative.”

Her chemistry with her co-star Ellen Pompeo who played the character of Meredith Grey was one of the biggest highlights of the medical drama. From influencing people’s lives to playing one of the best characters on TV, Sandra Oh has gradually solidified her career as an actor.

Source: Vanity Fair

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