Kit Harington will be making his debut on hosting the Saturday Night Live, and he did get some outside help from his Game of Thrones co-stars. As he went through his opening monologue, the audience started pestering the actor for whatever Game of Thrones spoilers they can get before the final season premiers. It was then that John Bradley West and Emilia Clarke came up, bugging the actor to reveal some spoilers. After Harington thought he was clear, his wife and fellow GoT co-star Rose Leslie came up and asked him what the couple would do to earn once the show is over.

‘Game of Thrones’ Stars Surprise Kit Harington

Game Of Thrones season 8 airs on HBO on April 14
Game Of Thrones season 8 airs on HBO on April 14

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While Emilia Clarke joked about the raunchy sex scene between them in season 6, West asked Harington if both of them would still hang out together once the show’s ends its remarkable run this summer. This isn’t it, but Saturday Night Live member Pete Davidson also came up dressed up as Night King.

Game Of Thrones Will Be Airing Its Final Season Next Week

Season 8 will be the last Game Of Thrones season
Season 8 will be the last GoT’s season

As the show has been subtle about not revealing much, we don’t know much about the last GoT season. Although the production has been very secretive, the co-showrunner on Game of Thrones David Benioff revealed that he will never want to work on another show with a different cast and crew members.

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“If you’re going to spend 10 years working on one show, you better really love the people you work with, because you’re spending a sh—load of time away from your family and friends,” said Benioff. “You always put everything into it. So to spend time on a show that people respond to all over the world, it’s incredibly gratifying. You have these characters you love and you can come up with ideas for them, and a few months later these incredible actors will be saying those things. That’s such a rare gift.”

Games of Thrones season 8 airs on HBO on April 14th at 9/8 p.m. Central.

Source: Comicbook, YouTube

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