We could say that no other movie monster has left an impact on the horror genre as much as the armies of the undead aka the zombies, which have gone on to star in different waves of horror over the years, continuing to showcase the massive popularity of the undead.

With every new variation, that is appearing on the big screen, the undead begins operating under new rules, full of danger that continues to horrify fans of the genre.


The Return Of The Living Dead’s Zombies

Return of The Living Dead Tarman Zombie
The Return Of The Living Dead

Based on John Russo’s book 1985’s The Return of the Living Dead, it took the zombies he co-created alongside George A. Romero for Night of the Living Dead in a terrifying new direction that led to a few sequels and a loyal fanbase.

The zombies of The Return of the Living Dead were created by a mysterious gas that transformed the living into the undead, making them crave brains.


The Zombies From Cargo Were Unique but also terrifying

Pus covered zombie from Cargo
Cargo Were Unique

The zombie virus does take 48 hours to transform to the infected, often resulting in a massive physical change as pus starts leaking from the eyeballs.


Resident Evil Featured An Apocalypse Of Mutating Zombies

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

Based on the video game series, 2002’s Resident Evil gave fans an all-new version of genetically-engineered zombies that were deadly, fast, and mutating over the course of the franchise. Theye were created by a compound known as the T-Virus, which was created by the Umbrella Corporation.

This led to a global zombie apocalypsee, featuring typically dangerous zombies with horrific new villains who used an upgraded T-Virus to increase their threat.

Fast Zombies From 28 Days Later

28 Days Later
28 Days Later

28 Days Later was one of the initial horror movies to show incredibly fast zombies, although there have been a lot of dispute among fans over this classification of zombies. However, the Rage Virus-infected zombies that brought everything to a halt in less than a month did eventually helped reinvigorate the franchise and continue to terrify audiences when it was released in the year 2002.


World War Z’s Zombies Could Quickly ClimbAny Defensive Structure

World War Z
World War Z

Brad Pitt’s World War Z featured a lot of fast-moving zombies, though they showcased another new ability to quickly swarm in huge numbers, allowing them to overwhelm high-walled areas to break through. The infection is seen taken over the body really quick and it takes no time in spreading through populated areas quickly, making it one of the scariest zombie plagues in film.



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