Wanda Maximoff wasn’t really appreciated by the MCU fans until recently when they understood her true potential. Jean Grey aka Dark Phoenix is another such female from the X-Men group. Now, what would happen if these two were to fight each other?

Of course, assuming Jean can control her Phoenix Force and Wanda is finally great at her powers, it would be a tough fight, but MAYBE Jean could actually win. We mean, the Phoenix Force is a multiversal cosmic entity and the powers can transcend anyone’s on Earth. But if Jean is without her force, she would easily lose to Scarlet Witch.

Jean Grey and her Amazing Dark Phoenix Powers:

Marvel Comics
Jean Grey

She has some powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities which could help somehow help her to overtake Professor X as well. Way back when she was not able to control her powers, her friend had gotten into an accident. She used her telepathy to link to her friend and almost died with her. She was in a coma and Prof X came and woke her up. In fact, he even blocked her telepathic powers until she learned to control them.

Upon joining X-Men and learning about her powers, Prof X started removing her block so she could use and control her powers in a much better way. Jean Grey sacrificed herself but then Phoenix Force used her as a host. And this force makes her one of the strongest threats in Marvel Universe.

Jean’s Telekinesis and Telepathy:

Marvel Comics
Jean Grey’s Powers

Hear us out. When her telepathic powers were blocked, she used her telekinesis and could still give other mutants a run for their powers and money. She could easily manipulate force fields around her and control matter to the atom level and play around with it. This helped her in so many ways! She could turn it into a weapon or even use it to create a force field around herself or her friends.

Marvel comic fans know how powerful Jean is when it comes to telepathy. It’s an easy task for her to penetrate anyone’s mind be it animals or humans. She can even implant thoughts apart from reading minds and manipulating them.

Jean along with the Phoenix Force:

Marvel Comics
Jean Grey along with Dark Phoenix

The moment the Phoenix Force chooses her as the host, her powers just go to the next level. She can now effortlessly manipulate all kinds of matter. This cosmic entity has given her powers that make her sort of invincible. But the downside is that she can’t really control it which takes a toll on her.

Scarlet Witch And Her Scary Powers

Marvel Comics
Wanda Maximoff

When we met Wanda first be it comics or MCU films, we didn’t think she would have some hidden magic powers, but she does. She has her own difficult times controlling and focusing her powers. And Agatha Harkness did sort of help her and even teach her things. (We will see this in MCU too we hope)

All Kinds of Manipulation:

Marvel Comics
Scarlet Witch

Wanda can manipulate things at her will. She can use the chaos energy to do all king of things. She can also manipulate probabilities and use them for defense and attack which makes her powers limitless at least virtually. And it doesn’t stop there. She can even manipulate time and space. And fly and teleport. There’s just no end.

Her Spellcasting:

Marvel Comics
Scarlet Witch blowing with bills

She already has some really scary powers but when we combine it with the spellcasting; it just takes her to another level. There have been instances where Doctor Strange has acknowledged her powers too. But even she doesn’t know how to control them.

Scarlet Witch vs Dark Phoenix:

Marvel Comics
Wanda and Jean Grey

While we agree that Scarlet Witch has the ability to go all crazy with her powers, Phoenix Force can’t be ignored at all. Jean Grey with her Phoenix Force, can easily win against Wanda. Her powers are great and Wanda just can’t face the cosmic forces on that level.

Coming to their powers taking a toll on their mental health, if Jean ever gets on the worse side, she will still be powerful with that immense help from the Phoenix Force. But Scarlet Witch might not be able to cope well with it like Jean Grey.

But in case Jean had to say goodbye to ger Phoenix Force, no matter how hard she tries using her telepathy and telekinetic powers, Scarlet Witch won’t take much longer to defeat her.

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