Sci-fi movies have been a part of mainstream cinema since the very beginning. From their plot to their storyline to their uses technicalities and made up languages, these movies have been a part of the audience’s source of entertainment for decades.


Sci-fi movies have some definite tropes that have been through the year by different story tellers in the movies. Some work well, are interesting and intriguing; while others are a complete miss! Some we end up watching over and over, and still don’t get tired of, while others we watch for the first time, and think – why is this in the movie?

So here are 5 sci-fi tropes that work very well in the movies, and 5 that we could definitely do without:

10. We Want: Parallel World –


The idea of multiverse has always been a fascinating subject, and if done right, then we can get something really amazing. The whole “what could have been” is a very interesting to see being played out, and definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

9. We Don’t: Ancient Aliens –


Remember that show? And how it said aliens had been to Earth before, and are the ones who built all the cool things that have been part of earth history since time immemorial? Yep! That one! Don’t want that. At all. Let us have what is ours. Okay, cinema? Okay!

8. We Want: Alien Technology –


Who doesn’t like cool technologies based off of aliens? We definitely do! “Technobabble”, to be honest, is a necessity to make sci-fi movies and shows. To try and inculcate alien culture and a world so much different from the one we know is hard work, and technobabble definitely makes that easy. I mean, we all want food replicators in our houses, right?

7. We Don’t: Everything is Simulation –


It’s something that gets used a lot, and we are really tired of it! The reality of what is going on gets turned upside down and we are left with the tired out trope of – it was all part of the simulation and everything that’s going on was all planned!

6. We Want: Time Travel –


Who doesn’t want to travel through time? I mean, we have all thought of it at one point of time in our lives, right? So yeas, that definitely gets a double thumbs up from us. To experience the past, or get to see the future, we are all in for that!

5. We Don’t: Alien Babies –


To be honest, humans having alien babies weird me out. There is always some kind of manipulation involved – either they take the form of a human the woman loves, or she gets mental images of someone else while doing it with an alien – its straight up wrong!

4. We Want: Alien Language –


Alien languages are a must! Absolutely. I mean, can you imagine making up a whole language, which okay, quite difficult! But can you imagine how cool that would be? Of course you can! We all have tried to learn a little bit of Klingon through the years, right?

3. We Don’t: We Are Here To Civilize You –


But we really don’t want you here! The whole thing is just another way to show colonialism and try to justify it through movies, but with cool looking aliens so the audiences feel like its okay! It’s not! Star Trek is probably the only franchise, where they don’t go the colonialist way, and just want to help different races without trying to interfere.

2. We Want: The First Contact –


The first time humans meet beings from other planets in the galaxy are always fascinating to watch. To see beings different from the human race, their culture, their way of living, their interaction – it is always interesting. And we definitely want more of that in the movies.

1. We Don’t: Teenager Savior –


I am sick and tired of some random human who has no experience, in anything, going around and heroing it up! Its like the whole genre of dystopian movies is wholly based on a girl or a guy who ends up saving the world, even though they have no idea what’s really going on! I mean, what?!?

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