Scott Adkins will be seen in One Shot which has the potential of being the best action movie of 2021 and here is why. Scott Adkins is once again collaborating with director James Nunn after working in Green Street 3: Never Back Down and Eliminators. The power pack duo is coming back with a project that can certainly turn things up. The duo has delivered great results previously, but now, the upcoming single-take action movie is ready to raise the stakes. Check out!

One Shot Could Be 2021 Best Action Movie

Scott Adkins in the upcoming movie One-Shot
Scott Adkins in the upcoming movie One Shot

First of all, the plot of the movie is gripping in itself. Adkins is playing Jake Harris who’s the leader of an elite Naby SEAL team that is tasked with transporting a prisoner from a government black site. However, things turn around quickly when their survival is in question after they are ambushed by a group who’s here to extract the prisoner. Apart from Adkins, we also have Ryan Phillippe and Ashley Greene.

One-Shot starring Scott Adkins could be the 2021 action movie
One Shot starring Scott Adkins could be the 2021 action movie

As the title suggests, One Shot will capture the story in a single-narrative fashion. As of recently, the style has really grown in Hollywood and continues to gain more popularity. Projects like ExtractionKickboxer: Retaliation, Jiu Jitsu, Netflix’s Daredevil series have all utilized this style when necessary only to provide great results. However, when it comes to Scott, he’s no stranger to this particular style of shooting. Movies like Ninja II: Shadow of A Tear, Close Range, Eliminators, and The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud have all trained Adkins to a point where One-Shot only seems really promising.

Scott Adkins' action in upcoming movie One-Shot
Scott Adkins’ action in the upcoming movie One Shot

But there is a major thing to notice, and that is the competition. In 2021 itself we have seen some really astonishing action movies. Bob Odenkirk-led Nobody and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are definitely the levels that the movie should aspire to reach. Would One-Shot be a movie that can beat them all? What do you think?

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