Gotham is coming to an end soon. The series is often seen as the Batman version of Smallville and has taken fans on many whacky and outrageous paths since 2014. Many characters who were initially never thought to get introduced graced the screen to surprise the fans. The show never seemed afraid of taking risks but nonetheless, we will bid farewell to it after the fifth season.

We also hope to see young Bruce finally donning the Batsuit he deserves and now something that looks cheap. Gotham has, so far, been successful in reimagining characters in the live-action world. So today we will list 7 best Gotham costumes till date!

7. Mad Hatter
Inspired by the character of the same name from Alice’s Adventures, The Mad Hatter has always been a character who has worked better in comics and animation films.

However, Gotham’s version of Mad shatter worked just fine. Played by Benedict Samuel, this reprisal was absolutely menacing and eerie in the part. The costume took some inspiration from the source material, but the overall character looked like it came out of a Bram Stoker’s Dracula book.

6. Professor Pyg
Professor Pyg is actually a pretty scary Batman villain. He is disconnected from reality and wants to turn people into Dollotrons (mind controlled by him). If you want to know more, you should definitely read his arc in Batman: Arkham Knight.

On the television, the character was played by Michael Cerveris and looked like someone straight outta David Fincher’s Se7en.

5. Poison Ivy
Gotham showed three versions of the character. First is the young Ivy Pepper, played by Clare Foley in the first season. While the one we see in the third season was played by Maggie Geha and Peyton List played it in the fourth season.

List’s appearance as Ivy was not only amazing, but she also resembled a lot to the villain.

4. Azrael
Azrael’s story in Gotham is pretty different than the source material, but it was quite a twist for Theo Galavan’s arc. Played by James Frain, Azrael and Galvan were everything that Batman fans could ask for.

The costume was spot on and rather than going for a high tech attire, designers gave him a more classic appearance.

3. Ra’as Al Ghul
While it’s simply difficult to follow Liam Neeson’s Ra’as Al Ghul, Alexander Siddig also did an excellent job as the Demon’s Head in the fourth season of the series.

Siddig resembles Ghul from the comics, and the outfits chosen for him were also incredibly apt. There was an absolute sense of evil and villainy every time he graced the screen.

2. The Penguin
Robin Taylor Lord’s Penguin has been a constant in all four seasons of Gotham. While it faced criticism initially as it wasn’t the short and chubby version of Penguin we’ve seen in comics, Lord convinced us all of his abilities over the past few years.

He actually acts and looks like a younger version of Penguin and his cowardice coupled with his choice of dapper clothing are all hallmarks for Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin.

1. Scarecrow
Gotham tried to tweak the typical iteration of Scarecrow from the Arkham games and turned him into a fear-toxin infused nightmare.

Jonathan Crane looked really freaky after putting his costume on and his performance certainly left an unforgettable impact on the audiences.

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