A normal human’s transformation to the monstrous reflection of one’s former self is a trademark of comics, for instance, Hulk and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde is both a DC and Marvel villain. Today we have decided to enlist the seven most powerful monster-forms of comic characters.

To qualify for this list, the characters had to have monstrous alternate form, no matter the means of their transmogrification.

7. Venomverse
This sounds exactly like Spider-verse, just with Venom. Pulled into a parallel universe by a symbiote Doctor Strange, fans see Eddie Brock fighting for the survival of his species alongside Venomised versions of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

Whenever a Poison takes over character, they get transformed into chitinous and angular redesigns that contrasts the nature of Venomised heroes.

6. Mister MXYZPTLK’s True Form
In the final moments of Superman: Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Mr Mxyzptlk reveals himself as the mastermind behind the onslaught of villains besieging the Fortress of Solitude.

Revealing his true form, his dimensions are impossible to comprehend, leaving even Lois Lane at the loss of words. He’s shown as a purple biped with an elongated face and a shell, which is somewhat a bit disappointing.

5. Doom that came to Gotham
In the Batman: Doom that came to Gotham everything is doomed into cosmic horror, from Batman using guns to Poison Ivy is a plant monster. Gotham is terrible at this moment because of the influence of a cosmic beast.

Half of two faces is a tentacled horror that grows into a portal to a cosmic nightmare dimension. In short, Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham is Hellboy playing Batman.

4. The Devastator
In the most real Batman vs Superman fight ever, Superman heat-visions off Batman’s arms before chasing him down in Dark Knights Batman: The Devastator.

Batman infects himself with a specialised version of the Doomsday Virus, becoming a Batman/Doomsday hybrid called The Devastator. This version of Batman was a super strong bony Monster.

3. The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman of Earth-32 throttles the Joker with a satisfying snap. Joker still gets the last laugh, as his final breath releases a cloud of nano toxins that had been lying dormant in his heart.

This toxin turns him into Batman Who Laughs. This Batman has the intellect of Batman mixed with Joker’s morality. To take him down, Batman had to team up with The Joker.

2. Hellboy’s Final Form
Once Hellboy reaches Hell, he realises that the only way to escape the Home For Infinity Losers is to embrace his destiny as the Beast of Apocalypse.

Hellboy’s true form is a flame-breathing winged demon. He is now powerful enough to take out the biblical Leviathan and reduce the Behemoth to ashes.

1. Superman: Doomed
Doomsday unleashed a cloud of Doomsday spores, which Superman intentionally inhales. He turns into Doomsday in a Superman suit.

He was called Superdoom by Lex Luthor and he is as terrible as his moniker. Clark got infected with the Doomsday Effect, a negative field of energy that saps the life force of everything nearby to strengthen himself.

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