There are many Avengers out there. Out of the many Avengers squads, over 100 of Marvel’s heroes have joined the Avengers or one of its affiliate teams over the years. But only a dozen of these heroes has so far appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some of these Avengers are really powered and today we will be ranking these characters based on their overall power. Today we will grade the most powerful Avengers who haven’t been yet introduced in the MCU.

7. Hercules

Hercules Marvel 1

Hercules is extremely powerful, just like his mythological counterpart. He is the Greek God of Strength, who contains an unlimited amount of raw power that was once used by him to hold up the entire sky.

Although Hercules has become a comedic character in the Marvel Universe, he has a jaw-dropping list of feats.

6. Quasar

Quasar Wendell Vaghn

He started out as a SHIELD agent and soon turned into Quasar, one of the most powerful cosmic heroes. He had the power of the Quantum Bands.

He uses these bands to create energy constructs in many shapes. He has stood up against Galactus and a blast from Thanos. He once also absorbed energy from the Soul Stone without much trouble.

5. Nova

Nova RIchard Rider

After the “Annihilation” event, Richard Rider absorbed the Nova Force.

He went on to wield these powers fairly well and can land a punch strong enough to take out everything within a three-mile radius.

4. Star Brand

Starbrand Avengers

Kevin Conner wielded the power of the Star Brand sigil and had access to an almost limitless amount of cosmic power. After his powers got activated, he accidentally atomised his entire college campus. Later, he landed with a stint with the Avengers.

He has fought the Avengers, and even took hits from Hulk and Thor, even hitting Hyperion into space.

3. Hyperion

Hyperion Avengers

He is basically the Marvel version of Superman. Hyperion joined the Avengers after his home Planet got destroyed. He started in Avengers throughout the 2015 crossover, Secret Wars.

Thanks to his Eternal heritage, Hyperion has all powers of Superman. He once lifted Atlantis out of the ocean and defeated Hulk and Namor.

2. Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel Greg Land 1

Adam Brashear is another one of Marvel’s Superman analogues. After being exposed to energy, he became Blue Marvel and after re-emerging, he joined the Avengers as one of the Mightiest Heroes.

He is powerful enough to break the moon in half with a single punch. He has stood up against Ares, Iron Man, Wonder Man and Captain Marvel.

1. Sentry

Sentry Bryan Hitch

Sentry has the “power of million exploding suns”. His real name is Robert Reynolds who took the Sentry Serum which gave him an array of abilities.

He has stood up against Molecule Man and Galactus and even demolished Asgard, bringing down the Blue Marvel once.

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