Venom is of the most popular Spider-Man villains of all time. And also, not to forget, the most powerful one.

While Venom was really popular for many years, he wasn’t the only symbiote to grace the pages of Marvel Comics.

Marvel went on to create Carnage, as a way to show that there is another symbiote stronger than both Spidey and Venom.

Symbiotes are an alien race from a distant galaxy. While they aren’t necessarily evil, they are just aliens that take on the personality of the creatures they are bonded with.

With so many symbiotes present on Earth and in space, we have shortlisted for you the most powerful symbiotes ever.

7. Carnage
Marvel created Carnage Symbiote, which was stronger than both, Spider-Man and Venom. This storyline saw both, Venom and Spidey joining hands to bring down Carnage.

Carnage was Venom’s spawn and this made him stronger than his father. He was more dangerous and became more vicious after he bonded with Cletus Kasady.

6. Red Goblin
Norman Osborn also combined with Carnage and went on to be called “Red Goblin”.

Carnage was already dangerous and after he bonded with a tactical psychopath in Osborn, he became an unbeatable foe.

They combined the powers of Carnage and Green Goblin and if you want to know how dangerous he was, just ask Agent Venom.

5. Anti-Venom
He was born out of an accident but became one of strongest symbiotes to ever exist.

When Eddie Brock got cancer, Mac Gargon was running around as Venom. Luckily for Eddie, he found Mister Negative who healed Eddie’s cancer.

However, when Venom rebonded with Eddie, the cancer cure inside him blocked him and made him something absolutely unseen. His cleansing touch could heal anyone of their affliction.

He even took Spider-Man’s powers while healing him.

4. Grendel
God Knull created Grendel as his symbiote dragon, which he often used as a weapon.

He used him to attack life all across the Galaxy, eating anything that came in his way. When he attacked Earth, he was stopped by the God of Thunder, Thor. It took Thor some time to take him down as he eventually trapped him.

3. Red Hulk/Ghost Rider/Venom
In one instance, Mephisto was trying to bring hell back to Earth and while Ghost Rider was fighting him, Red Hulk and Agent Venom showed up.

The three ended morphing into one and combined the strength of Red Hulk with the symbiotic and demonic powers of Agent Venom and Ghost Rider. This was easily the most powerful creature to exist on the planet for a short time.

2. Agent Venom
Flash Thompson had one of the best character arcs of any supporting character in comics.

Starting out as a bully in high school, he idolized Spider-Man. He later joined the military and became a national hero but ended up paralyzed.

He later bonded with Venom as a result of an experiment by the US Government to use him a weapon to protect the country. The symbiote respected Flash and he controlled him well.

1. All-Black
While many symbiotes are often stronger than their parents, All-Black is still the end of all means when it comes to the symbiote race.

Created by God Knull using the power of a celestial, All-Black bonded with Gorr, also known as the God Killer. He even bonded with Galactus and turned into a butcher of worlds and later bonded with Ego, The Living Planet.

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