Wolverine is a sketchy character that no one can ignore. While the mutant with metal claws and an incredible healing factor and animal senses is not expected to have mannerisms, fans still expect some discipline from him.

Over the years, he has done many dishonourable acts. He has a reputation for being jealous, awful temper and berserk instincts. Today we will discuss 7 sketchy things Wolverine did that fans ignore.

7. Led a team of assassins
Wolverine has twice led a team of mercenaries on black op quests. He was once convinced by Cyclops to create a new X-Force to finish X-Men’s work.

But Wolverine ended up recruiting characters like Deadpool, Psylocke, Archangel and Fantomex, to become an even more covert black ops squad.

6. Being an Absentee dad
Daken isn’t the only child to Wolverine. Many of his children are scattered around the multiverse.

During the Jungle Adventure storyline, Wolverine got together with Gahch, leader of the Fire Tribe who conceived their baby. Wolverine had no idea that the conception happened.

5. Stole the Batmobile
DC vs Marvel was the biggest crossover yet which took place in 1996. Marvel Mutants like Gambit, Storm and Wolverine were sent to the DC universe.

Gambit fought Nightwing after which both, Wolvie and Gambit decided to steal the Batmobile. Later when both the universe’s merged together to form Amalgam Universe, Wolvie merged with Batman to become Bat Claw.

4. Knocked out Storm
Storm once brought wolverine on a mission to Sara Grey’s house, which had been attacked.

When Wolverine reached there, he smelled Jean Grey’s scent, whom he thought was still gone. He just snapped to this and accidentally knocked out Storm in the process.

3. Broke Time
During Age of Ultron, Wolverine and Invisible Wiman decided to travel back in time and bring down Hank Pym before he could create Ultron.

However, Logan and Sue returned to a decimated New York. Invisible Man and Wolves went back in time again and instead of taking down Hank, convinced him to build a self-destructing failsafe into Ultron.

2. May have been behind Weapon X
For years, Logan wondered who was behind the entire Weapon X project that provided him with Adamantium. Later, he found out that it was a part of Weapon Plus Project. This was the tenth experiment in history, with Cap’s experiment being Weapon I.

After fighting a mutant named Romulus, Wolverine found out that it was he himself who was in charge of the whole project, alongside Romulus.

1. Tried to end Hope Summers
In Avengers vs X-Men, many heroes thought that the Dark Phoenix is returning for Hope Summers and many were scared that she will soon turn into the next Dark Phoenix.

However, Wolverine decided to take down Hope, just to avoid the problem, in the first. The Phoenix Force later turned Cyclops into a Dark Phoenix.

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