Reports of Marvel Studios pushing the What if…marvel comic series into development have surfaced. The What If… series will draw inspiration from the comics of the same name.

The idea is simple. Take a major Marvel character or story arc and change the whole plot point and you will have an all new What If… story. There have been many Marvel Comics that have been published throughout the years so we thought we’d compile a few choices that will blend well into a TV show.

Obviously, that What If… series will not a part of the MCU, although the animated series will be seen by Kevin Feige himself.

We have compiled some of the What If… storyline that may be adapted for the new series.

1. What if Hulk had Bruce Banner’s brain

What If... series from Marvel Comics
What If… series from Marvel Comics

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If there’s a What If… story that may actually make into the live-action MCU, its this take that follows the Hulk if he had the presence of mind of Bruce Banner.

We may also see some version of this story adapted in Avengers: Endgame as it’s been long rumoured that we may get to see Professor Hulk.

2. What if Jane Foster Found Thor’s Hammer

What If... series by Marvel Comics
What If… series by Marvel Comics

Some of the best and memorable Thor comics see Jane Foster wielding the Mjolnir. It was during Jason Aaron’s run on Thor that was incredible. In this What If… we saw Jane Foster becoming the Goddess of Thunder and fans loved it!

But we won’t be seeing this as Natalie Portman is already done with MCU, so this will be another good story for the animated What If… series.

3. What if Doctor Strange was Dormammu’s Disciple?

What If... Series by Marvel Comics
What If… Series by Marvel Comics

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When it comes to the evil Dormammu, MCU hasn’t really explored the villain as they should have. We are yet to see Baron Mordo breaking bad which is another thing fans could see in this new What If… series.

With the attitude and temperament that Doctor Strange has, it’s fascinating that he didn’t become the disciple of Dormammu, so let’s hope we see this in Disney+’s What If…

4. What if Captain America had been the President

What If.. series by Marvel Comics
What If Captain America Had Been Elected The President.

Imagine Captain America aligning himself with the Sokovia Accords, was the poster of America and eventually changed that into a very successful presidential campaign.

This will not happen ever in the MCU, and it’s likely that Cap may die in Endgame. So this makes this story a perfect match for the What If… storyline.

5. What if Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Hadn’t Died?

What If... by Marvel Comics
What If… by Marvel Comics

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Imagine if Mar-Vell hadn’t passed away in Captain Marvel hadn’t died, Carol Danvers wouldn’t have had her mind wiped and the duo could go on much bigger projects.

The What If… series could have Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers fighting villains across the cosmos.

6. What if Uncle Ben had lived instead of Aunt May

What if Uncle Ben had lived instead of Aunt May
What if Uncle Ben had lived instead of Aunt May

This one’s old. Uncle Ben was murdered by thugs, which prompted Peter to fight crime. But what if Uncle Ben hadn’t died? Would we have ever gotten the Spider-Man we love?

7. What if The Avengers conquered the whole world?

What If... series by Marvel Comics
What If… series by Marvel Comics

The Avengers were lucky that they had Vision who sided with them in Avengers: Age of Ultron. With the mind stone embedded in him, he’s one of the strongest beings in the MCU. But what if he wasn’t good?

Source:, Nerdist

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