According to a new report by Deadline: NatGeo, Fox and Cosmos have launched an investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct by two women against Cosmos Host Neil deGrease Tyson.

The second instalment of Cosmos is set to premiere next year in March, following the positive response recurve by Tyson’s first turn at hosting the series in 2014. Last year a woman accused him of drugging and raping her while they were both grad students, and now it seems like that wasn’t the end of allegations against him.

Tyson is an astrophysicist who has written books like Death by Black Hole and Astrophysics for people in a hurry. Before becoming the face of the Cosmos revival, Tyson hosted the PBS series Nova ScienceNow and also judged the accuracy of science in movies and shows.

The first woman to accuse Tyson of misconduct is Professor Dr Katelyn N. Allers who says that Tyson noticed her solar system tattoo in 2009 at a party and ”

Pictures from the event show Tyson grabbing her arm to inspect the tattoo. The other allegation comes from Tyson’s former assistant Ashley Watson who says that Tyson repeatedly made sexual advances on her after which she had to quit her job.

Here’s what the producers of Cosmos have said:

“The credo at the heart of Cosmos is to follow the evidence wherever it leads. The producers of Cosmos can do no less in this situation. We are committed to a thorough investigation of this matter and to act accordingly as soon as it is concluded.”

For now, they have released a joint statement saying, “We have only just become aware of the recent allegations regarding Neil deGrasse Tyson… We take these matters very seriously and we are reviewing the recent reports.”

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