Shakira is not in a good place and that is no secret. The singer is facing problems left, right, and center with no respite in sight. She is embroiled in a legal battle with Gerard Pique for the custody of their kids, Milan and Sasha, which is seemingly turning uglier by the day. The singer is also involved in a serious tax fraud case with Spanish tax authorities. Being hounded by the paparazzi ever since her split with Pique was announced, she couldn’t even move to Miami with her kids because Pique refused to sign the necessary papers.

Now, a new revelation suggests that Shakira might have a completely different side to her – one behind all the smiles for the camera, a cruel and petty side.

Shakira fired domestic help over a piece of chicken
The cruel side of Shakira

Shakira, not likely a dream employer as per latest revelations of her former domestic help

Shakira’s tax evasion case against the Spanish Authorities is gaining traction both in court and in the media. Covering the same, a news channel recently telecasted a documentary on Shakira, mainly focusing on her tax fraud allegations, but dipping toes into the personal and professional side of her life as well.

Shakira is battling a tax fraud case
Shakira brutally called out by her former domestic help

The TV program, named Equipo de Investigacion aired on La Sexta, with a reporter from Miami, Javier Ceriani, who interviewed a married couple who happened to be Shakira’s former employees. The couple did not have particularly nice things to say about the Waka Waka singer, but the most shocking part of it all was the reason why Shakira fired them. The report detailed:

“Divier replaced Maritza, his wife, who cooked all week, cooking for 17 of Shakira’s employees. When it was late at night, he was very tired and Shakira asked him to heat up some chicken, and he told her ‘The truth is I can’t do it anymore, I’m not going to heat up the chicken, I’ve been cooking for 17 people all day, I can’t do it anymore’. So Shakira told him ‘If you’re not good for this, you’re not good for anything else’, and that’s when they got fired. It was a shock that Shakira fired her staff over a piece of chicken that they didn’t want to heat up. They were not only domestic employees, but they were cooks, ‘chauffeurs’ and the ones who arranged the maintenance of the house. It was really a very strong demand.”

Firing a family and allegedly leaving them bereft of their means of livelihood over a piece of chicken does sound petty, to say the least.

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The custody battle is getting ugly

Shakira, Pique and their kids
Shakira might lose if she faces Pique in a court battle for the custody of their kids

Currently, Shakira and Pique are fighting tooth and nail for the custody of their kids. Whereas the singer has yet another case to attend to, her former partner has been spotted in public multiple times having the time of his life with new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. A recent custody meeting between the two parties reportedly ended in 30 minutes with the Barcelona defender storming off in a fuming state.

With the rising disagreements, an out-of-court settlement for the custody case is gradually becoming an impossibility. And it has been reported that the former couple wants to deal with things out of court to avoid things getting too ugly for the sake of their kids. However, they need to strike common ground if they seek to make this transition easy for their sons.

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Source: Marca

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