Shang-Chi may have been well-liked in the Marvel Universe, but new evidence suggests he has no friends, and here’s why:

A Still, from Marvel's Comic which tells Shang-Chi has no friends
A Still, from Marvel’s Comic which tells Shang-Chi has no friends

Shang-Chi of Marvel may have been well-liked in the Marvel Universe in the past, but a recent betrayal may have affected how all of his friends-and family-view the hero in the future. The Master of Kung-Fu is normally an amicable member of the Avengers, as approachable as Spider-Man. However, in Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe #6, a heinous deed by one of Shang-Chi’s closest allies may have destroyed any goodwill he had left among the Avengers and his own family. Shang-Chi takes over his father’s organization, the Five Weapons Society, in the Shang-Chi vs. Marvel Universe series, and attempts to implement changes and ultimately redefine the society as a force for good. However, society, which is managed in part by his family, is highly conventional and does not approve of Shang-Chi making peace with his adversaries rather than annihilating them, as is (was) the way of the previous Supreme Commander. As a result, Shang-Chi has battled numerous heroes who question his motives, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and the whole Fantastic Four. Thor, the God of Thunder, is his most formidable foe yet.

Thor’s fight with Shang-Chi is one-sided for Thor, and here’s why:

A Still Of Thor Vs Shang-Chi
A Still Of Thor Vs Shang-Chi

Thor has fought Asgardian monsters and even Thanos, so a mere human like Shang-Chi shouldn’t pose much of a problem. Then Shang-Chi snatches a sacred sword given to him by his brother Takeshi, summons lightning, and miraculously burns Thor’s hammer Mjolnir into a molten heap around the God’s hand. But there’s a problem: Shang-Chi knows the sword he’s been handed has no inherent strength. The Cosmic Cube, which Shang-Chi had earlier returned to Captain America but was seemingly taken again by his own brother, is then revealed to be influencing reality by Takeshi. Takeshi, enraged, insists that Shang-Chi choose between the Avengers and his family. Shang-Chi chose the truth: Takeshi took the Cosmic Cube against his will and is therefore handed up to the Avengers. Unfortunately, Shang-Chi has lost favor with both groups; his family no longer trusts him for handing over one of their own to the “enemy,” and the Avengers no longer trust him since they feel Shang-Chi handed them Takeshi to cover for his own activities. Shang-Chi finds himself in a terrible lose-lose situation while seeking to establish common ground between the Avengers and his family.

Because Of The Incident, There Isn’t Much Left For Shag-Chi “No Family, No Friends”:

Marvel Makes It Official: Shang-Chi Has No Friends Nor Any Family
Marvel Makes It Official: Shang-Chi Has No Friends Nor Any Family

Unfortunately, Shang-Chi is unable to change the situation. Except for Spider-Man, the Avengers no longer trust him, and his family now only listens to him because of his position. Shang-Chi has battled villains before, but no monster has ever harmed him as much as he has harmed himself. Thus hinting that Shang-Chi has no friends and no family in whom he may put his faith.

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