Season 4 of The Boys has finally premiered, and the show has brought many twists and new revelations. Some of the major cast members that have joined the show include Sister Sage, played by Susan Heyward, who has become the central focus for the time being. That is of course, until Homelander decides to kill her, something which has become a repetitive problem for characters on The Boys.

Billy Butcher and Homelander in The Boys Season 4
Billy Butcher and Homelander in The Boys season 4 | via Prime Video YouTube

Homelander is manipulating Victoria Neuman. Butcher’s life is now limited, and he has lost Becca’s son along with his leadership of The Boys because of his lies, and group is now struggling to save the world from the supes.

Sister Sage’s Introduction Meets Criticism

Sister Sage in The Boys season 4
Sister Sage in The Boys season 4 | via Prime Video YouTube

Susan Heyward’s Sister Sage’s presence and motives are yet to be explained. Branded as ‘the smartest person in the world’, she has certainly set the tone of the show and sparked a discussion among the viewers about her portrayal.

The showrunner of The Boys, Eric Kripke, declared Sister Sage to be unstoppable. In an interview with IGN, Kriple hailed her as a calculating character who moves “eight steps ahead” of everyone else. However, he also confessed that it is way more difficult for writers to write a super smart character who can defy all the predictions of the viewers, than writing a dumb character.

She’s very challenging because every single thing she does, she’s eight moves ahead and she’s brilliant. Getting yourself in that head space is really hard because we’re not nearly as smart as her. I’ll tell you, writing dumb characters is much easier than writing smart characters. 

Although many viewers are happy with how Sister Sage is portrayed, some have complained about her portrayal as the season progresses, pointing out that her actions lack depth and the differences one would expect from the smartest person in the world. Netizens expressed their concern that the writers are not developing the character as expected.

In the interview with IGN, Kripke revealed that if Homelander is derived from Superman, then Sister Sage can be a derivation of Lex Luthor, with some characteristics of Ozymandias from Watchmen, and Heyward perfectly fits the role of the intelligent yet psychologically damaged character.

Sister Sage’s Questionable Motives in The Boys Season 4

Spoiler Alert!

Billy Butcher, Ryan and Homelander in The Boys season 4
Billy Butcher, Ryan, and Homelander in The Boys season 4 | via Prime Video YouTube

Throughout the season, viewers never really get a clear understanding of why Sister Sage is really there, or what her intentions are. First introduced as the puppet master controlling Homelander’s decisions, her exact purpose behind helping the supe is unclear. Of course, do not pretend that she has any choice in the matter.

In the interview with IGN, Kripke talks about Sage’s miserable life as the smartest person in the world. He said,

Once you put the world’s smartest person in the real world, you immediately get to, ‘Oh my God, they’d be miserable. It’s so miserable to be smart,’ and all she wants to do is be stupid for a little bit. Just understanding her pain, which I think is what makes her such a misanthrope.

According to one speculation, Sage’s main target is Ryan, who is the first naturally-born supe in the show. Maybe she wants to save Ryan from his father’s evil, as Homelander might get jealous of Ryan due to his rising popularity, and Ryan’s power makes him a threat to Homelander, which they might use in the future.

As for the future of The Boys, the role of Sister Sage and her connection with the plot is not quite clear at the moment. Only time will tell if she will prove beyond the viewers’ imagination, or if she fails to reach that level.

The Boys Season 4 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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