For fans of the classic sitcom The Golden Girls, a brand new comedy show is coming to Hulu with fresh and modern feel. This new show, titled Mid-Century Modern, will feature an all-star cast, including Hollywood hunks Matt Bomer and the ever-hilarious Nathan Lane.

The Golden Girls (Credits: NBC)
The Golden Girls (Credits: NBC)

The series will follow the lives of three best friends, all gay men in their golden years, who decide to move in together in the sunny California desert town of Palm Springs. Sounds familiar? Well, it should! The show takes clear inspiration from The Golden Girls, which featured four older women living together in Miami.

Hulu’s Fresh Take on Iconic Characters from The Golden Girls 

The Golden Girls (Credits: NBC)
The Golden Girls (Credits: NBC)

Matt Bomer is set to play Jerry Frank similar to the lovable Rose, originally played by the late Betty White. Nathan Lane will take on the role of the sharp-tongued Bunny Schneiderman, a character originated by the legendary Bea Arthur’s Dorothy.

The amazing Linda Lavin will round out the trio, playing Lane’s character’s mother, Sybil Schneiderman — similar to the sassy Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty in the original show. Looks like, golden days are back.

The Hulu’s release perfectly elaborates more about the characters (via Variety):

A successful businessman with one foot in retirement, Bunny is forever in search of love, but he first has to be convinced he’s worthy of it. Like her son, Sybil’s strengths are her weaknesses: wise, caring, and iconoclastic – which sometimes means she’s critical, smothering and amoral. Jerry left the Mormon Church and his marriage in his early 20s after his wife informed him and the rest of the congregation that he was a homosexual. Now a latter-day saint in the literal sense of the term, Jerry is pure of heart. He is also hard of body and soft of head. 

But wait, there’s more! The series will also feature a “naked Gen Z housekeeper.” The team behind Mid-Century Modern is also impressive. The show is being created by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the same duo who brought us the long-running and award-winning sitcom Will & Grace.

Matt Bomer is Set to Break Barriers with Iconic Gay Role

Matt Bomer in American Horror Story
Matt Bomer in American Horror Story (Credits: FX)

Matt Bomer revealed that he was almost Superman! In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, the star said he auditioned for the role of Clark Kent/Superman in a scrapped Superman movie back in the 2000s. Things seemed promising, with him even getting written off his soap opera to focus on the potential Superman role. However, the 46-year-old believes he ultimately lost the part because he is gay.

At a time when being gay could harm an actor’s career, Bomer faced a setback. Even though he hadn’t publicly come out yet, someone in the industry may have revealed his sexuality to producers, causing them to pass on him for a role.

But the Webster Groves native didn’t let that stop him. He later voiced Superman in a 2013 cartoon Superman: Unbound and starred in many popular TV shows. Now, he’s about to become a gay icon in a new sitcom inspired by The Golden Girls. It’s a modern twist on the classic show, and with Bomer involved, it’s sure to be a hit. By being open about who he is and taking on this groundbreaking role, the father of three is paving the way for more LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood.

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