While there were a ton of characters on The Big Bang Theory, the ubiquity of the series depended on Sheldon Cooper. The main thing more unquestionable than his virtuoso was his finished absence of relationship building abilities. All the more critically, he would rather not have relationship building abilities by any means. While these were his generally self-evident and unavoidable characteristics, he additionally held onto a noteworthy cluster of fears, some of which were more obvious than others.

Brought up in East Texas, Sheldon was a conclusive youngster wonder. He entered college at 11 years old and procured his first Ph.D. by the age of 16. As amazing as this might have been, it most certainly helped structure fractures among him and his cohorts, making it almost inconceivable for him to make any enduring fellowships. This issue persevered for quite a long time, until he at last met Leonard Hofstadter, an individual physicist and nerd who required a spot to live.

Sheldon Cooper In The Big Bang Theory
Sheldon Cooper In The Big Bang Theory

Leonard turned into Sheldon’s flat mate just as conceivably the very first genuine companion Sheldon had. He positively got disappointed with Sheldon and his numerous characteristics, however Leonard likewise invested in some opportunity to get to know the man behind them. Through Leonard, Sheldon would shape bonds with whole circles and in the long run get hitched to Amy Farrah Fowler. Without Leonard, that could never have occurred.

There was no discussion of Sheldon’s condition on the show, although, many regard it to be a variant of the Asperger’s Disorder. Though there might be one overarching issue, other conditions and phobias were also in there. In a conversation with Raj in Season 9, Episode 12, Sheldon tells him that he has symptoms of synesthesia even without naming the issue. This included twin prime numbers always appearing to him as pink and smelling like gasoline.

Other than his narcissistic personality disorder and an obsessive-compulsive disorder, there are a number of interesting phobias that have troubled Sheldon. A huge one for him was Aphephobia, which is better known as a fear of human contact. It is a phobia that is shown by Sheldon all the time in the show. That’s why Penny was blown away when Sheldon hugged her in Season 2, Episode 11 after she bested him at gift-giving.

Sheldon Hugs Penny Reluctantly
Sheldon Hugs Penny Reluctantly

His Mysophobia was also a big issue for him. It caused him to perpetually wash his hands and take multiple showers per day. The same condition was also what made him incredibly paranoid about people touching his food. Not surprisingly, he also has Hemophobia which is the fear of the sight of his own blood. While it’s not the same thing as being afraid of germs, his Hemophobia certainly paired well with his Mysophobia.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sheldon Cooper. He dealt with a myriad of conditions on a day-to-day basis that made navigating life incredibly challenging. That being said, his Ornithophobia was actually kind of amusing at times. Sheldon did not deal with birds often or well, leading to some surprisingly funny moments in the series. At the same time, it was all part of the rich tapestry that entertained fans for 12 seasons.

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