Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that the most waited PlayStation 5(PS5) won’t be releasing for another 12 months. That means, at the earliest, PS5 will be released around May 2020. But we have seen that they always release their console during the holiday season. So that means, we probably won’t be getting our hands on the next-gen Sony console until fall 2020. Sony’s plan to not release PS5 within the next 12 months was revealed on April 25. It happened during the company’s earnings call for the end of the financial year, which overall was a very, very healthy and strong year for the PlayStation makers. In fact, 2018 was Sony’s most profitable year ever. This includes the whole company as well as its gaming division!

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Confirms Sony that PS5 Won’t Release Before April 2020

Sadly, while Sony has confirmed we won’t be seeing the PS5 in the next 12 months, it didn’t reveal any additional details over the system’s release. For example, it still hasn’t even confirmed it will ship in 2020 yet. There’s also no word of how much it will cost.

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If the console is indeed shipping in 2020, then we will probably get a proper reveal either at the beginning of 2020 or late 2019. The latter could come during PSX, while the former could be similar to the PS4 reveal.

As of now, PlayStation 5 is currently without a release date. However, most reports and leaks and speculation put it in the fall 2020 window. It’s also without a price-point, but Sony has said in light of its impressive specs, it will feature a price that’s “appealing to gamers.” In the most recent and related news, one analyst believes the PS5 will cost $400 when it launches.

We will update you as and when we get our hands on the additional news. Till then all we can do is wait and maybe shop at the discounted PlayStation Store Sale!

(Source: ComicBook, YouTube)

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