More details on the plans of Sony for PlayStation 5 have surfaced online, alongside a myriad of details that may not mean too much to those gamers who play casually. In between talks of ray tracing and GPUs, one detail that came out different among all was it PlayStation 5(PS5), or whatever Sony decides to name it, will have backward compatibility with users’ collection of pre-existing PS4 games or not.

PlayStation 5 To Be Backwards Compatible

PlayStation 5(PS5) reportedly to come with backward compatibility
PlayStation 5(PS5) reportedly to come with backward compatibility

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This news of Backwards compatibility in the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 5 rose from a recent Wired Interview with Sony’s Mark Cerny, who happens to be the lead architect on Sony PS5. Cerny held the same role at the time of PlayStation 5. When asked about the new console’s specifics, Cerny told Wired that the device will be supporting physical media, which means you can pop in a disc and play it. This must come as reassuring for those who are overthinking about the whole console being only digital although there’s a chance that the console may follow Microsoft’s strategy of only supporting digital games.

The console was based on the architecture of PlayStation 4, as reported by Wired, it will be backward compatible with games. This means that all games from God of War to Bloodborne to Horizon Zero Dawn can be played on PS5. As per the details shared by Sony, it seems like those games will be entirely new experiences on the console, as they’d take full advantage of the new features of the upcoming PlayStation console.

Will PlayStation 5 support PlayStation 3 games?

Sony PlayStation 5 will not drop out this year
Sony PlayStation 5 will not drop out this year

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Whether the console will support those platforms that date back before PlayStation 4 is still unknown, although it does seem highly unlikely, given that the only way to play old games on PlayStation 4 is to do it digitally. This doesn’t mean that people aren’t submitting their requests already for a better backward compatibility feature that would help in supporting older games on PlayStation 3 and maybe even further in the past.

We don’t know anything about the release date for PlayStation 5 (PS5) or about its pricing, but we know it won’t be launched by Sony this year.

Source: Comicbook, IGN

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