Warner Bros just released a new clip from the much awaited and upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy which features LeBron James and Bugs Bunny transforming into one of the most iconic duo of Batman and Robin!!!
The way too long awaited sequel shows the digital server verse concept.

LeBron James and his son (from the movie) Dom played by Cedric Joe are somehow pulled into the virtual Warner Bros. universe by a rogue AI.
They are forced to join the traditional and the most undisciplined team of Looney Tunes who have to defeat AI-G Rhythm played by Don Cheadle and his Goon Squad in a basketball game which has a lot at stakes.

The original Space Jam was released in 1996 and this one serves as a sequel to the same and they took forever to make the same.
James LeBron had already joined the project back in 2014 and promised us a family centric spin on the same basketball story of the one with Michael Jordon.

The sequel will no doubt have different animation styles and digitized versions (thanks to technology and artists) of the real-life NBA and even WNBA stars and looks like we could expect a cameo from Jordan.
Warner Bros is apparently releasing the film in theatres and on HBO Max on 16th July 2021.

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There is no doubt that considering the virtual reality format, the filmmakers decided to stay true to the authenticity and featuring the original Looney Tunes gang and embed them into various settings from the Warner Bros. extensive library.

The DC Comics YouTube account released a brand new teaser that indicates James and Bugs Bunny get into the attire of Batman and Robin.
James LeBron is in shock and horror as he takes on the role of Robin.
And Bugs Bunny has a perfect explanation stating “ We’re in DC world doc, and where there’s trouble, there’s superheroes”.
Here’s the teaser

The filmmakers are taking every chance they get to tease us with the movie scenes and its definitely working as its gaining them some popularity.
And looks like that Space Jam: A New Legacy will take James and his team into the worlds of The Matrix, Mad Max, Austin Powers and so much more.
Seems like that the Space Jam sequel is going to effortlessly add elements from universes of different films.

We thought LeBron James getting a Looney Tunes makeover but looks like the fans are in a treat as they will see his character enter into some of the most legendary franchises of all the time.

And it is actually an extremely strategic move from the Warner Bros. to use the much long- awaited Space Jam and the DC virtual world as its way for the same.
This would provide some opportunity for Space Jam to up its cultural references and it also paves way for some of the studio’s old films available on HBO Max.

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Warner Bros is preparing for a fourth Matrix movie and another movie in the Mad Max franchise so that means it could a free promotion for these movies.

Looks like that the all new Space Jam : A New Legacy is not going to use much of references from the original film of 1996 and is going stand alone with the cartoon version of LeBron James.

We can’t wait for it to hit our screens on 16th July !

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