Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black order has been a treat for spider-verse fans as it has featured a lot of spidey and related characters. One such character is Spider-Gwen. For many, her introduction must have come in the animated movie- Into the Spider-Verse.

Spider-Gwen in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Spider-Gwen in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 she’s in possession of a lot of her signature abilities in. She also teams up with other Spider-Verse characters and the rest of Marvel’s hero roster.

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What Powers Will Spider-Gwen Use?

The latest reveal by Game Informer in regards to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 defines some of the powers which Spider-Gwen will make use of. It is sure that like other versions of Spider-Men, she’s also got super speed, stamina and strength, along with the ability to crawl on walls and detect threats with the help of her spider sense. On top of this power chart, she is also a skilled fighter and this is a trait which will manifest as one of her actual in-game abilities.

You can see the list of her powers in action in the Spider-Gwen trailer above.

The abilities which players will be able to make use of are:

  • Swing Time: Gwen is able to shoot a string of web in the air and then makes use of her momentum to go for a swing attack in the area. You can tap on the attack button to lengthen the duration of the attack.
  • Legit Beatdown: Gwen creates a huge ball of web and then swings it around her head in a circle, hitting all the enemies which are in her space.
  • Catchy Attack Name: Gwen releases multiple web blasts in front of her. You can tap on the attack button to keep on producing more webbing blasts.
  • Disappearing Act: As the name says, Gwen just warps into the air above enemies and then slams them to the ground which unleashes a devastating shockwave. Holding onto the attack button will help players aim.

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Spider-Gwen is the second of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance characters to get featured in such a manner. The first of which was the newest spider sensation- Miles Morales. There’s more to come about Spider-Gwen’s attacks and abilities so stay tuned.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled for release in July 19th for Nintendo Switch.

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