While Thanos has almost defeated every other superhero from the Marvel Universe, Mephisto has managed to step up as Marvel’s biggest villain.


Marvel Universe is always known for its powerful heroes and villains. Over the last couple of years, villains like Kang, Ultron, and Thanos have risen from one point to another and managed to become the biggest threat in the universe.

But with Amazing Spider-Man #74 by Christos Gage, Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, Marcelo Ferreira, Ze Carlos, Ivan Fiorelli, Carlos Gomez, and Humberto Ramos, Mephisto has officially stepped up as Marvel’s biggest villain.


There is nothing new in acknowledging the fact that Spider-Man’s life has been a living hell for the last couple of years. While his enemies always try to end his life, Peter Parker’s life is already worse. However, Doctor Strange knows about everything and that is how things have been put into motion. Mephisto, in this regard, has orchestrated a vast strategy against the Spider-Man. But Doctor Strange has unfolded the reason behind why Mephisto has a keen interest in Spider-Man’s life, cementing his place as the most dangerous villain.

As Mephisto echoed, he has now become obsessed with ruining Peter’s life. The obsession still exists because he has a vision of Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and Jane’s daughter being the cause behind his demise in the future. That is perhaps why Mephisto wasted so much time targeting Spider-Man and his loved ones.


Peter Parker first debuted in John Buscema and Stan Lee’s Silver Surfer #3. But even before this, Mephisto has played an essential part in targeting the Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Strange as well in some of the evergreen battles.

Apart from referring to himself as the ultimate villain to Spider-Man, Mephisto also exposed himself to the Avengers as their ultimate threat. The events of Heroes Reborn by Ed McGuinness and Jason Aaron saw the Avengers rise up to reset things remade by Mephisto. This exact same creative duo in Avengers #38 made it clear how much the villain hates the Avengers. From the earliest stories of Avengers to the modern-day’s team, Mephisto has always been behind every major event that happened so far and each of them proved that he could be their greatest enemy.

After cumulating all of this, it becomes evident that Mephisto can easily become the biggest threat in the Marvel Universe and that is exactly what’s happening. Since he has a good idea about how Marvel’s superhero could triumph over him, Mephisto knows exactly how to strike each of them down.

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