In a recent interview, Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed the details regarding the future of the Squid Game. He stated that at least two of the original cast members will be returning for its sequel. Earlier this year it was reported that the producer of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk, had begun work on a script inspired by Umberto Eco’s works. However, it seems we may have to wait even longer as he has confirmed that there are no current plans for another season at this time. Yet another topic brought up was when Hwang confirmed that Squid Game season 2 will bring Seong Gi-Hun and Front-Man back.

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Squid Game Season 1
Squid Game Season 1

What Was Squid Game All About: The Plot

The Netflix series that won the hearts of viewers from all around the world, Squid Game was released in September 2021. The plot revolves around a divorced character, Seong Gi-hun, who goes all-in at a harmless tournament to clear his debts and prove himself able to qualify for custody of his daughter. Playing by simple rules, he soon realizes that what once seemed like innocent childhood games held lethal twists designed by the organizers – even as the mysterious Front-Man maintains the rules of the game while entertaining the incredibly wealthy spectators.

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Netflix’s Squid Game
Netflix’s Squid Game

Hwang Dong-hyuk Revealed That Gi-Hun And Front-Man Will Appear In Squid Game Season 2

While talking in a recent interview, Hwang Dong-hyuk echoed some details about the sequel. He apparently revealed that Gi-Hun will be returning for Squid Game season 2. He also confirmed that even Front-Man will also appear in the next season. Hwang Dong-hyuk echoed that:

Gi-hun for sure. He will be back and I believe the Front Man will be back too.

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Seong Gi-Hun in Squid Game
Seong Gi-Hun in Squid Game

With that being said, in season 2 of Squid Game, Hwang has hinted that two of its characters will be back. The creator indirectly has confirmed an expanded and updated version will air soon. Meanwhile, Gi-hun may not even make it past episode 1 because this time around, viewers are excited to see what he will do with his winnings given the game’s cryptic history. Could a sinister twist be coming? Who knows!

Squid Game season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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