Stan Lee is finally vocal about the chaos in his life in recent months.

The legendary 95-year old comic creator revealed some interesting issues he has dealt with, including elder abuse allegations, lawsuits, thefts and even restraining order against Keya Morgan. Lee told this to The Daily Best, adding that all of this barely scratches the surface, especially mentioning his daughter, J.C. Lee.

“There really isn’t much drama,” Lee said. “As far as I’m concerned, we have a wonderful life. I’m pretty darn lucky. I love my daughter, I’m hoping she loves me, and I couldn’t ask for a better life. If only my wife was still with us. I don’t know what this is all about.”

Lee might be denying all the drama, but as we will recall, this year seemed “tough” for the legendary artist. This was revealed in a report by THR that Lee’s daughter abused him, both financially and otherwise, along with three more men with bad intentions. These include Keya Morgan, Kirk Schenk and Jerado Olivarez. However, Lee did file a lawsuit against Olivarez and was granted an elder abuse restraining order. On the other hand, the allegations on his daughter was dismissed by Lee, terming them as “occasional spats.”

“She is a wonderful daughter,” Lee said. “I like her. We have occasional spats. But I have occasional spats with everyone. I’ll probably have one with you, where I’ll be saying, ‘I didn’t say that!’ But, that’s life.”

Morgan is not allowed to come within 100 yards of Lee or contact him. He is also barred from talking to Lee’s brother Larry Lieber and J.C. Lee.

“He was Sir Galahad…” Lee said. “He was a guy helping me. I can’t do everything. I thought he’d maybe help J.C. It didn’t work. In fact, he turned out to be quite a disappointment.”

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