The sad news of Marvel legend Stan Lee’s demise has ripped apart the pop culture world. The iconic writer has left his stamp and legacy behind for so many fans all over the world. In the past few years of his life, one of the most beloved traditions involving Lee was his cameos in the MCU.

Lee had been appearing in cameos for decades now, as the MCU has become stronger with time. The universe has a lot of jokes and nods featuring Lee, with many even believing his cameos to be selling points for the Marvel Universe. Not just MCU, Lee has also appeared in cameos in Fox and Sony films.

But now after his unfortunate demise, many fans wish to know what will his last appearance be like in the MCU. Marvel was certainly aware of his old age which is why his recent scenes were less flashy and bit quicker than earlier (for example, the bus scene in Infinity War).

His last set of cameos went all the way to Avengers 4 reportedly. This has been earlier stated by his agent director Joe Russo. It’s still unknown if Lee shot a cameo for Spider-Man: Far From Home. Although fans really want to see Lee with his beloved creation for one last time, it’s likely for it to not feature a Stan Lee cameo.

Even Fox confirmed not filming a cameo with Lee for next year’s Dark Phoenix which also rules him out of New Mutants. Lee will have a voice appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He will also be voicing in Ralph Breaks The Internet.

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