With new Star Wars films, fans get introduced to more villains like Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke. However, all these characters end up getting compared to Darth Vader and we all know that Vader is, by far, the scariest villain to have appeared in a Star Wars film. The Star Wars franchise is now almost 40 years old and there are plenty of bad guys around to choose from.

Some of these villains are mere threats, while others are more influential and control in various ways. So, today we will discuss 7 of the deadliest villains more dangerous than Darth Vader.

7. Starkiller
Star Killer is an evil character in the pages of the Force Unleashes game, who has effortlessly defeated Luke Skywalker in combat.

This villain is not just pretty dangerous but even has the power to tear the Star Destroyers from the sky. Well, it’s good that our heroes never had to face him within the canon.

6. Exar Kun
Exar Kun is one of the very first Lords of the Sith! He turned evil and became a great foe, eventually taking down Ulic Qel-Droma and kicking off the “always two there are” thing with the Sith.

He got defeated ultimately but his spirit still haunts Yavin IV. He went after Luke Skywalker and his new apprentices before he was taken out for good.

5. Kreia
This old lady is a major threat to all life in the Galaxy. She’s a powerful Force User and Sith by herself. She has even trained some of the most ruthless warriors in history.

And she did come extremely close to pulling off a plan that could have eventually destroyed the Force itself.

4. Plagueis
This character is certainly scarier than Darth Vader as he can conquer the end itself, something that Darth Vader couldn’t ever do.

We are talking about Darth Plagueis the wise here. We know about him, thanks to Palpatine and this guy has the power to bring the dead back to life. He was more God than Sith, and even more dangerous just because of this.

3. Bane
It all started with Darth Bane. Bane saw the constant Sith back fighting that threatened their entire way of life, ultimately creating the “Rule of Two” as a way to preserve order.

He was powerful Sith and terrified the Galaxy with his cruel acts and capabilities. He’s scary for the Rule, as without it, the Sith wouldn’t have sneaked and survived for over the millennia as they have.

2. Vitiate
Vitiate was a criminal from a young age and he was all too happy to take out his own family and friends. If that doesn’t creep you enough, then his plans included wiping out all existence in the universe!

Compared to this, Vader was still a better guy for whom fans wished things to be different.

1. Krayt
Darth Krayt is a kind of character that has a similar beat to Vader. This former Jedi rose through his position by committing many murders.

This guy was not only ruthless but was also an amazing duelist. He defeated many enemies and anyone else who came in his way, even murdering and enslaving civilisations to his own will!

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