In the land of filmmaking, where legends carve their paths, a unique dynamic unfolded between two cinematic titans. The directorial prowess of one, synonymous with the iconic Star Wars franchise, inadvertently sparked a spark of insecurity within the esteemed Steven Spielberg.

Steven Spielberg picture
Steven Spielberg

This intriguing rivalry emerged when a single film, crafted by the former at the tender age of 18, managed to outshine Spielberg’s entire illustrious career. As get into this intriguing narrative, we unravel the fascinating interplay of talent, ambition, and the unpredictable trajectory of artistic accomplishment.

Star Wars Director Once Left Steven Spielberg Envious

good friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

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Steven Spielberg is widely recognized as an exceptional and influential director in the film industry. His body of work encompasses a diverse range of genres, and his ability to craft captivating stories elicits powerful performances from actors. And apart from this Spielberg has an amazing bond with Star Wars Director George Lucas but According to The Bearded Trio Spielberg once said:

“I realized that there was an entire generation coming out of NYU, USC and
UCLA.  THX-1138 made me jealous of the marrow of my bones. I was eighteen years old and had directed fifteen short films by that time, and this little movie was better than all of my movies combined.”

The director of War of the Worlds got to know about George Lucas when Lucas showed his movie THX-1138 at a film festival at the University of California LA. Spielberg really liked the movie, but he also felt a bit jealous of it. He thought it was good, but he wished he had made something like it too.

The Collaborative Creations of Steven Spielberg and George  Lucas in Hollywood

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in their early age
Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

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The remarkable synergy between Spielberg and Lucas has yielded a series of memorable collaborations. One of their most celebrated joint efforts birthed the iconic Indiana Jones film series. With George Lucas conceiving the enigmatic character of Indiana Jones, Spielberg took the helm for the inaugural film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, which graced theaters in 1981.

Beyond their Indiana Jones escapades, Spielberg and Lucas have engaged in various other creative ventures, demonstrating their mutual artistic influence. While they may not have co-directed a film, their enduring creative alliance, and camaraderie have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema, bequeathing us with a trove of cherished and iconic movies that have become an integral part of cinematic history.

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THX-1138 is available to watch on PRIME VIDEO

Source: The Bearded Trio


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