Titans series star Anna Diop has finally revealed that Starfire will certainly get a comic accurate costume later in the series.

While appearing on the red carpet of yesterday’s premiere of the series, Diop was asked by Comicbook.com if she will get a more comic accurate look later– and she quickly responded with a yes.

“As soon as I put it on, everyone was flipping out,” Diop told ComicBook.com. “It’s awesome because it’s something that so many people have seen for so long and it means so much to people and this is the first time we’re bringing it to life, but you know — our story takes its time. It takes its time, it’s an origin story, so it takes its time in the characters coming to this place where you see them and the way that everyone’s always known. I hope that the audience can be patient with us and have fun with us. It’s a ride, and it’s a fun one.”

The current looks of Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy haven’t really been appreciated by many fans, since set photos started to surf online, and in order to stay away from more spoilers, Warner Bros. declined to elaborate on anything.

The series will be the first “R-rated” superhero series and will see the Titans coming to live-action from animated series and films. The series is being produced by Geoff Johns, who spoke about all the violence and cussing in the film.

“It was an opportunity do less of a conventional procedural show and more of a 12-hour movie,”

Johns said.

“We could focus in more on character and push the envelope, in terms of content.”

DC Universe streaming network will only be available for domestic users, and will stream on Netflix in international markets. Titans will be kick-off series for DC Universe that will give fans access to exclusive DC content.

Titans will premiere on October 12, with a new episode each week.

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