Arrow’s Stephen Amell has hit back at John Cena in light of a joke about Green Arrow highlighted in Peacemaker’s season 1 finale. Amell, who played the DC hero Oliver Queen (AKA Green Arrow) since around 2012, made his exit from the job when the Arrow series finale broadcasted in January 2020. Not exclusively did the show brag a great 170 episode run over 8 seasons, however it likewise enlivened the formation of the interconnected Arrowverse which would proceed to incorporate The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Batwoman, and Superman and Lois.

James Gunn’s Trademark Sense Of Humor

Stephen Amell Jokes About John Cena
Stephen Amell Jokes About John Cena

All the more as of late, in any case, DC delivered their first TV series straightforwardly associated with their big-screen DC Extended Universe (DCEU) as James Gunn’s Peacemaker. Featuring The Suicide Squad’s Cena as the nominal antihero, Gunn’s trademark sense of humor focuses on the absolute greatest names in the DC universe, famously making fun of any semblance of Batman, Superman, and Aquaman. Indeed, even DC’s inhabitant archer, Green Arrow, would likewise not be saved from Peacemaker’s harsh tone, with the show’s finale blaming him for being a “Brony,” an enthusiast of the My Little Pony franchise.

When Amell was asked his thought process of the joke, the Arrow star rushed to return his very own new serve mind. Guaranteeing that he hasn’t “seen it”, Amell rather proposes he is “too busy showing Cena what professional wrestling should actually look like.”

Stephen Amell And Wrestling

Stephen Amell as Arrow
Stephen Amell as Arrow

Amell’s flippant reaction is a suggestion to his present job on the Heels drama series, where he plays a professional wrestler named Jack Spade, and a reference to Cena’s own distinguished past in the WWE. A keen fan of the game, Amell has himself shown in the WWE and was even granted a Slammy in 2015 for the “Celebrity Moment of the Year” during his cooperation with Cory Rhodes’ Stardust. He would likewise proceed to contend in Ring of Honor, All In, and All Elite Wrestling throughout the long term, in any event, venturing to such an extreme as to break his hip during a compensation for every view wrestling occasion just before he was booked to film a stunt-heavy episode of Arrow.

Obviously, most fans will perceive that Amell’s tweet is minimal more than easy going smack-talk, the actual kind of thing the two entertainers would be personally acquainted with because of their separate times in the ring. Many fans however, may be fascinated at the chance at having the two DC saints run into each other, regardless of whether on screen or even back in the wrestling ring. A Green Arrow versus Peacemaker smackdown may even happen eventually. Meanwhile, Peacemaker fans will be quick to see whether Cena observes the Arrow star’s new agreement.

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