In the recent SAG-AFTRA vote on whether to authorize a potential strike, actor Stephen Amell emerged as a prominent figure expressing his dissenting stance over the weekend. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of guild leadership’s approval to engage in negotiations if necessary, with an impressive 98% majority of returns indicating the members’ support for the idea of a strike. This high level of support demonstrated the strong commitment and unity among the members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

Amell, a well-known actor within the entertainment industry, took a public stand against the idea of a strike, showing that there were differing opinions and perspectives within the guild’s membership. Stephen Amell’s decision to vocalize his opposition to the potential strike added an intriguing layer of complexity to the situation. It sparked conversations and debates both within the guild and among the general public, as his dissenting stance highlighted that not all members shared the same view on how to address the pertinent issues under consideration.

Why Does Stephen Amell Oppose Strikes?

Arrow Star Stephen Amell
Arrow Star Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell, 42, appeared at Galaxy Con in Raleigh, North Carolina, after the premiere of the second season of his new series, Heels. During the event, he was asked about the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, which commenced on July 14 and followed the WGA writers’ strike that began in early May. Amell shared his viewpoint, mentioning that being located in Hollywood might lead to feeling insulated from certain realities and stereotypes. He also expressed his sense that many people in the room might not be fully aware of the strike. He continued,

“I support my union, I do. And I stand with them. I do not support striking. I don’t. I think that it is a reductive negotiating tactic. I find the entire thing incredibly frustrating. I think the thinking as it pertains to shows — like the show that I’m on that premiered last night — I think it’s myopic.”

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Some fans were disappointed because they expected Amell, a prominent figure within the entertainment industry, to be more informed and supportive of the strike. For them, his response reflected a lack of empathy towards the challenges and concerns of fellow SAG-AFTRA members who were advocating for better working conditions, fair wages, and improved benefits.

Despite the clarification, the debate raged on, with some fans embracing the explanation and others remaining skeptical. Stephen Amell’s series Heels premiered its second season on Starz, but his appearance at Galaxycon was not promoted as a promotional event for the show. Fans were unimpressed with his comments on the strikes, pointing out the perceived hypocrisy due to his portrayal of Green Arrow as a socialist billionaire in DC comics.

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Why SAG-AFTRA Strike is Happening in Hollywood?


The recent SAG-AFTRA strike, which began on July 14, 2023, has made headlines as writers and actors walk out of sets to demand their rights. The strike has sparked heated debates, with both celebrities supporting and criticizing the movement, as major upcoming projects are affected by the ongoing labor unrest.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted actors’ and writers’ jobs. Additionally, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the film industry poses a new threat, as actors worry about potential job replacement. The strikers are advocating for fair pay and job security in the face of AI’s influence.

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