After 25 long years, an Aston Martin which is estimated over $25 million and was used while filming of the James Bond film Goldfinger, has finally been found. In a lot of ways, Aston Martin is usually synonymous with Bond. Having made its first appearance in Goldfinger in 1964, most subsequent Bond films have featured different versions of the iconic sports car. Recent Bond films like Skyfall and No Time To Die even brought back the original DB5 model that was initially popularized by Sean Connery.

Stolen 1963 Aston Martin DB5 Finally Found!

The stolen James Bond Aston Martin
The stolen James Bond Aston Martin

We all know that the original 1963 DB5 is a relatively rare car and one of the four models that were used on Goldfinger was converted into a unique vehicle, fitting it with a host of Bond gadgets for the movie. The gadgets included oil/water sprayers, smokescreen funnels, tire shredders, and front-mounted machine guns. The car was later purchased by a private collector in the 1980s but was later stolen from a Florida airport hangar in 1997 and its fate was left unknown. For a long time, Bond fans have speculated about what became of the iconic British sports car.

So, where is it found?

James Bond movies
James Bond movies

Now, a new report from Yahoo reveals that the missing DB5 has been finally found. According to this report, an unnamed individual has verified the vehicle via its serial number, even confirming that it is the one that went missing years back. The whereabouts of the car have not been revealed yet, but it is stated to be in a “private setting” in the Middle East, with Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, marked as “particular areas of interest.”

Christopher Marinello, Chief Executive of Art Recovery International, has expressed a lot of optimism around the $25 million-dollar Bond car that will be returned by the current possessor. This news might totally thrill the original owner and alongside, the insurance company, which had to shell out about $4.2 million once the car was stolen, will also be pleased to hear the news of its discovery and has pledged $100,000 to any person offering information which leads to the return of the car. It is really unknown what exactly happened to the Aston Martin once it was stolen but, with the car now residing in the Middle East, it’s quite clear that it’s certainly a long way from home.

We really hope that the current possessor of the sports car will do the right thing and give the car to its original owner. Considering the location of the car and the time that has passed since it was stolen, it’s quite a miracle that it was found at all. With the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 holding a really special place in history as one of the most iconic cars in film history, James Bond fans are thankful that the vehicle has been discovered in one piece.

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