The fifth season of the Netflix series Stranger Things is approaching and fans can’t wait for a thrilling conclusion to the epic series. As the Hawkins gang prepares to face Vecna, the question arises about which characters might face death. One potential target could be a member of Eleven’s gang due to their link to Eddie Munson.

As the stakes are higher than ever, no character is safe from Vecna’s wrath. The villain’s habit of exploiting emotional vulnerabilities has already proven to be a deadly tactic. The traumatized members of the Hawkins gang can easily become its prime targets.

Cast of Stranger Things
Cast of Stranger Things | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/William Tung

The fourth season introduced viewers to Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn. Eddie’s friendship with Dustin Henderson was very much liked by the audience. His ultimate sacrifice to protect the group from the Demobats in the Upside Down left an impact on fans. The emotional toll of Eddie’s death could make Dustin a prime target for Vecna.

Dustin’s Vulnerability Might Lead to His Demise in Stranger Things Season 5

Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things
Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things | via Still Watching Netflix YouTube

Vecna has previously demonstrated his ability to manipulate minds. The bond between Dustin and Eddie during their horrifying experiences in Upside Down will undoubtedly leave an emotional scar on Dustin. Eddie sacrificed himself so that Dustin could return to the human world, escaping the Demobats’ attacks. He spent the last seconds of his life in the arms of Dustin. As Dustin is left with the weight of loss and guilt, it makes him an ideal target for Vecna’s next attack.

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Moreover, Dustin being an important member of the group to defeat Vecna could also make him a prime target. Vecna may seek punishment by targeting one of the group’s most beloved members to increase the emotional impact on the remaining characters, including Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

Other Potential Victims in Stranger Things Season 5

Vecna - Stranger Things
Vecna – Stranger Things | via Netflix

While Dustin’s vulnerability makes him a likely target, the Duffer Brothers have shown their willingness to make bold choices. Their creative choice might lead to some other characters coming under Vecna’s target.

Will Byers with his connection to the Upside Down and his past experiences with possession, remains a prime target as well. Vecna’s ability to exploit Will’s bond with the supernatural realm could make him an easy target.

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Lucas Sinclair who saw the near-death of Max Mayfield at Vecna’s hands, may also face the wrath. The emotional trauma of that event could leave Lucas vulnerable to Vecna’s manipulations. It might set the stage for a heartbreaking sacrifice. Moreover, characters like Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers might be at risk. Their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice could lead to a heroic end for one of them.

As Stranger Things comes to its last chapter, fans can expect the Duffer Brothers to deliver an emotionally charged finale. While Dustin’s link to Eddie Munson may make him a prime target for Vecna’s wrath, no character is truly safe from the villain.

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