The news of James Gunn joining Warner Bros to helm Suicide Squad 2 shook everyone in the superhero fandom. After getting fired from GoTg Vol. 3 by Disney in July, the director kept himself low for a few months, only to return as a possible writer and director of a DC film.

Now given that the Suicide Squad has a roster that’s forever changing, Gunn could be ideally suited to the sequel. He can choose any character he wants, including some non-villains who probably wind up in the prison for Amanda Waller to select for Task Force X.

Back in 2016, Gunn admitted that he had the chance to make DC films, but turned them down. He even revealed a couple of characters he’d like to work upon and it seems like both of them will fit pretty well into a Suicide Squad film.

Swamp Thing
A character created in 1974 by Len Wein, but later relaunched more effective in the 80’s by Alan Moore, the Swamp Thing is a mystical creature who protects all plant life on Earth. Its comics are known for their creative, off-key vibe and to everyone’s surprise, Swamp Thing has served as an ally and an enemy to the Squad in different versions of the comics.

The only drawback could be the development of the Swamp Thing TV series for the DC online streaming service. Over the years, DC has tried its best to avoid conflicts between TV and live-action movies version of the same characters.

Jonah Hex
Hex hasn’t had any connection to the Suicide Squad in the comics. Jonah is seen as DC’s most dangerous cowboy, a warrior who was the part of the American War of Independence but was given a mark by a demon.

He was kidnapped in the comics and transported to the future, and he once even clashed with the Batman of his era. Hex can add some fascinating dynamic to the film and the team subsequently and it would be great to watch him struggle to cope with the present day. This could mean a good reboot to the character after Josh Brolin disappointed us with the Jonah Hex solo film.

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