Suicide Squad’s second trailer scored to Bohemian Rhapsody song made it look like Warner Bros was taking a new course, away from its earlier established grim look. But when the film arrived, it left fans with a lot of questions and even more to desire. The film was slammed by critics, and the film also made news for its bad post-production, re-shoots and edits.

Director Ayer later revealed that the studio interfered, insisting re-shoots just the add more action. However, the new reports reveal that the reshoots were just an attempt to give the film a light/humorous note. And all of this just ended up making the film look too confusing and light-hearted for a film led by supervillains.

Many fans even commented that the film was an attempt to replicate Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel, which showed a bunch of criminals behaving well with time. And now, we have Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn being linked to the project.

The director is reportedly under talks with DC to direct and pen the project, and if this happens, the studio might get what it always wanted with the Suicide Squad.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s released in 2014 and all film’s major characters were loved by fans and in no time, they became household names. The film had bright colours, good music and action. The sequel followed the same pattern and was yet again loved by the fans. Gunn was finished with the draft for the third instalment before he was fired by Marvel. However, his script will be reportedly used by Disney.

Many fans wanted Warner Bros. to get Gunn over, as both the films (Suicide Squad and GOTG) share many similarities, and Gunn will yet again get to work on what he does the best: high concept, offbeat films. He can revisit the same elements, for instance, both had a twisted dark sense of humour and while Guardians have a good heart, Squad is kinda heartless.

Since the beginning, DC wanted a dark Suicide Squad film, but also just as fun. With Gunn helming the project, this could really come to life. Let’s hope for the best.

Stay tuned for more.

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