Supergirl Season 5 is increasingly squandering the first potential of Leviathan within the wake of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

The characters of Supergirl appear to possess experiences about collective amnesia – with many of them seemingly forgetting about season 5’s main villains: Leviathan. On the pages of DC Comics, the group is an offshoot of the League of Assassins created and led by Talia al Ghul. Though both were repeatedly featured in Arrow, the Leviathan group of Supergirl is entirely a new iteration.


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The Iconic Super-Girl

Originating on Jarhanpur, a sister planet of Krypton, the members of Leviathan were revealed to have arrived on Earth millions of years ago, subsequently wiping out the dinosaurs. So far, only two prominent heads of the organization have been revealed on Supergirl – with The X-Files’ Mitch Pileggi playing Rama Khan and Stranger Things’ Cara Buono playing Gamemnae. Deeming themselves protectors of the Earth, Leviathan was responsible for a number of seemingly natural disasters across the centuries. Once again believing humanity to be a threat to the planet, the first half of Supergirl season 5 saw Rama Khan attempt to cull the population with a great flood and then the eruption of a supervolcano.

The plots of Leviathan were immediately placed on the backburner by the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. Unfortunately, within the wake of the game-changing storyline, Supergirl has yet to really recover its previously established groove. Unlike The Flash, which split its current season into two distinct pre-Crisis and post-Crisis chapters, Supergirl season 5 has attempted to continue its previous threads amid a replacement established order.


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The CW’s Supergirl Season 5 Cast Adds Cara Buono and Mitch Pileggi from stranger things

A major component of the changes was the creation of Earth. As a result, everything that happened between Leviathan and the heroes of Supergirl exists in the memories of the core team. This should effectively give Supergirl and her allies a significant advantage over the threat, with Leviathan erroneously believing they remain undetected in the shadows. However, it appears to have done the exact opposite.

Since Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kara has been largely dealing with threats-of-the-week and a fledgling relationship with William Dey. The only ongoing storyline she has actively referenced in many episodes is that Lena Luthor teaming up with her brother Lex. The same can be said for Nia Nal and Alex Danvers.  The latter, meanwhile, has been consumed with existential angst since quitting the DEO and therefore the death of her father.


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A still from Supergirl season 5.

Brainy has been working with Lex in secret, as advised. Despite that, even they have made surprisingly little progression beyond maintaining that secrecy and Lex trying to ingratiate himself with Gamemnae. With potentially fewer Supergirl episodes remaining than planned, there is an undeniable sense of plot stagnation. A seismic shift could also be needed if the show wants to urge back to the general promise Leviathan offered in earlier Supergirl season 5 episodes.

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