The new armour suit of Supergirl has a specific purpose to fulfil. In the latest episode titled “Man of Steel”, the atmosphere of Earth gets irradiated by Kryptonite, thanks to the machinations of the Graves siblings and Agent Liberty. Kara must wear that suit, in order to survive.

Kara became ill as soon as the Kryptonite got dispersed into the atmosphere. This caused her Plummet down to the surface. Fortunately, she was saved by J’onn who caught her before she crash-landed. She was then revived by Alex and Brainiac-5 with rays of the yellow sun and a chest plate.

The entire planet’s atmosphere gets infected with Kryptonite and Earth is no longer safe for her. She’s too weak to be taken into space. When nothing worked out for them, Alex called in for Lena Luthor.

Despite their differences, Lena showed up and brought her a compact device containing an armour suit. This suit will enable Kara to survive on Earth.

This suit was revealed in the Comic-Con International Trailer, borrowing its design from Superman’s Eradicator suit.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8 PM on The CW.

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