Kids take after their parents – some more so than others.

Like father like son, or like mother like daughter – we have been hearing these phrases for as long as we can remember.

And while some might end up being the complete opposite of their parents, some turn out to be perfect carbon copies.


Brazil-based artist Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, also known as Dragonarte, drew a series of badass, but definitely adorable babies of superheroes and their first meetings with their fathers in the maternity ward.

The artist imagined how the kids of our favorite superheroes from the DC and Marvel universe would be like, and this is the result.

These Superhero Mini-Me’s are an exact replica of their fathers, and could not be any more endearing.

So let’s take a look at the first meet between the superhero, their kids and that poor, poor nurse!

  1. Batman’s Baby Bat!


I am vengeance. I’m the knight. I’m Baby Batman.

  1. Iron Man’s New TinkerBell


You’re gonna make Daddy proud, boy! So proud!

  1. Baby Will Be With You In a Flash!


Run Baby, Run! And always remember – Don’t. Be. Like. Daddy.

  1. Sling Baby, Sling!


Is he gonna swing now? And how is he sticking to the wall?

  1. Hawkman Got Eggs!


Is that normal? I mean… is he though?

  1. Oh yes! That’s my Boy!


BabyPool Is a Menace! He is going to make Daddy cry.

  1. Hey Baby Green


He already knows how to use his tentacles! And he is already aware than puny humans are beneath us.

  1. Hey, Bub.


Look how cute those tine claws are! And sharp. So sharp!

  1. Baby Fish


I’m gonna get him a fish pony. And a fish dragon. And…

  1. Baby Thing Is a Rock-ing!


Keep on Rolling! Rolling in the Deep.

  1. Flame On Baby!


We need another fire extinguisher here! Pronto!

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