What if our favorite superheroes from the DC and Marvel world were roped into being brand ambassadors for different companies?

Captain America with Coca Cola costume

Well… Maybe Tony Stark aka Iron Man would be spared, since he has his very own Stark Inc. But what about the rest? Who will feature using what product?

We found a few fan art pieces that illustrate some of our favorite heroes endorsing some of our favorite products. Let’s take a look!

  1. Captain America and His Doritos

Cap saluted you for buying Doritos

There has been a running joke among fans about Steve Rogers and His Doritos. Countless memes have been posted where either his face is in a Doritos, or his Shield becomes Doritos or something or the other! So Captain America being the brand ambassador for Doritos is perfect!

  1. Wolverine Goes Adidas Way

Wolverine wearing costume with Adidas branding

Given Adidas made quite a few Logan designs, this is another fan art that is quite rooted in reality. With how much of an outdoor person Wolverine is, this is a perfect match!

  1. Batman Says Just Do It With Nike

Batman with Nike's logo on chest

Batman’s motto is to do, rather than waiting for someone else to do it for him. And coincidentally, that is exactly Nike tells you – Just Do It. So yes, Batman and Nike, match made in advertisement heaven.

  1. Superman Is Posh With Giorgio Armani


DC Comics’ Superman is a stylistic man, with a knack for the finer thing in life. So we can totally see him endorsing a company such as Giorgio Armani. Although maybe they could have added to the Hope symbol rather than replacing it!

  1. Hulk Is Perfect for Monster Energy Drink


If this isn’t the perfect match, we don’t know what is! Hulk as the brand ambassador for Monster energy drink is like the epitome of a match made in Monster heaven. We love this fan art, we are sure you will too!

  1. Iron Man Wants McDonalds

Iron Man with M shaped arc reactor

Iron Man does love his Happy meals, a trait that he has imparted on his daughter Morgan, even – you’d know if you say Avenger: Endgame. So yes, he should definitely endorse McDonalds and their burgers and everyone will be happy for it!

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