Not all are blessed with superpowers since birth. Some are granted the powers through some accidents. Some mishaps lead to these characters becoming heroes we love today. Here are a few superheroes who were actually created through accidents.

1. Daredevil


As he was walking down a street in Hell’s Kitchen, a very young Matthew Murdock saw a blind man who could be hit by a truck. Murdock rushed to save him. But though he could push the man aside, the truck swerved and spilled its cargo aka the toxic waste. These chemicals splashed into his eyes and ended up blinding him.

His blindness actually awakened his other senses. He ended up gaining a radar-like sense and a much sharper memory. After he lost his father, he trained for years under Stick (who is quite mysterious) and used his abilities to take revenge for his father’s death.


2. Dr. Manhattan

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In August 1959, Jon Osterman, a physicist forgot his watch in an intrinsic field separator. After he retrieved it, the door closed and he was trapped inside. Sadly, there was no safety mechanism to stop the machine from opening the door or activating it. And when the machine was turned on, Jon was separated at the atomic level but yet his consciousness remained.

It took him two months to reconstruct himself and appeared in various forms as well. When he finally reached his final form, he was given the title of Dr. Manhattan by the U.S government. He has even used his “God-like” powers to help save humanity.


3. The Hulk


Bruce Banner was a nuclear physicist who was studying radiation. The military later employed him and he created a gamma bomb and oversaw the testing of the same. But just before the testing was about to start, Banner realized that a teenager had snuck into the site.

He rushed to save the teenager before the bomb was set to go off and managed to push the teen to safety and even shield him. But in the process, Banner ended up receiving a huge amount of gamma radiation when the bomb went off. After the blast, Banner seemed to be unharmed. However, at night he transformed into the “then” gray monster who was considered as the “Hulk” by the military.


4. Jessica Jones

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Jessica Campbell also got her powers due to toxic waste. She received them while she was fighting with her brother on a family road trip. Due to the sibling fight, Jessica’s father who was driving next to a military truck carrying toxic waste was distracted. He ended up crashing into the truck. Jessica woke up from the crash six months later.

She then finds out that her family died and she had been adopted by the Joneses. She felt guilty for the incident and when she returned to high school, she was treated like an outcast. As she was lashing out on her way home, she discovered that she had gained superhuman strength and could fly too.


5.  Cyborg

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Victor Stone was the child of not one by two scientists, who at times made him feel like a lab subject than their child. Some of their experiments ended up with Victor gaining high genius-level intellect. But Victor resented this and in high school, pursued sports over science like his parents wanted him to.

One day, when Victor visited his parents’ lab, he discovered that a being from another dimension had come through a portal. This creature had consumed Victor’s mother and even dissolved parts of Victor before his father could shut off the machine. Scared that his son would die, Victor’s father ended up using an experimental cybernetic suit and reconstructed Victor. Even though his life was saved, Victor was horrified. Eventually, he went on to become the superhero, Cyborg.

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