Superman has fought up against numerous villains in the pages of DC Comics throughout the years, but he recently stated that Lobo is the worst person he’s ever encountered. In the latest issue of Superman vs. Lobo, the Man of Steel acknowledges that the Czarian bounty hunter is not only worse than Lex Luthor in his eyes but that even Darkseid has a better moral code than Lobo.

Superman/DC Comics

Superman’s rogue gallery is one of the most outstanding in comics. Kal-El has faced out against some of the most powerful villains in the Cosmos, including Brainiac, Mongul, Darkseid, Doomsday, Bizzaro, and Lex Luthor. There are plenty of big heavyweights for Superman to face. A new DC Comics comic, however, puts the DC Comics hero against Lobo, whom Superman openly despises. Not only does the Man of Tomorrow feel Lobo is a bad guy, but he also provides a laundry list of reasons why.

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Superman Vs. Lobo

Superman and Lobo find themselves on the Czarina and Krypton, respectively, in Superman vs. Lobo #2 by Tim Seely, Sarah Beattie, Mirka Andolfo, Arif Prianto, and Fabio Amelia. An all-powerful extraterrestrial has resurrected their previously devastated planets, but they have been placed on the incorrectly repaired worlds. Superman is doing his best to acclimate to Czarian, but when Dr. Flik pays him a visit, their talk immediately turns to Lobo. Superman informs the doctor that Lobo is “the worst person I’ve ever encountered, and I have to spend time with Lex Luthor on a regular basis.” Furthermore, he implies that Darkseid possesses a higher moral code than Lobo.

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Superman Vs. Lobo

When Superman questions Dr. Flik about her feelings for Lobo (she is), Kal-El tries to tell her the truth about the sometimes hero, sometimes villain. He brings up Lobo’s casual misogyny, murder, and genocide against his own planet. Superman believes that “bad boys” are always appealing, but that Lobo is the “worst boy.” Finally, Flik avoids his queries.

In the end, Superman is dissatisfied with his present condition since Lobo is enjoying life on Krypton while he is imprisoned in the world that the Czarian previously devastated. Superman vs. Lobo #2 is a lighthearted look at an ongoing war between Superman and Lobo, so it’s no wonder Kal-El believes his foe is unredeemable. Darkseid may be a greater menace than Lobo, but Superman feels that Lobo is the “worst guy” he’s ever encountered. Superman vs. Lobo #2 is currently available in comic book stores.

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