Action Comics #1000 was nothing short of a milestone in DC and comic book history. The issue was impressive not just because of the four digit number on its cover but also because of the arrival of Brian Bendis to DC Comics.

Many fans were getting suspicious about how Bendis would take on Superman, one of the oldest and iconic heroes of all times. So far with Man Of Steel and Superman #1, Bendis has shown fans about his sheer understanding of the character. In Action Comics #1001, Bendis picks up a plot thread from Man of Steel, where a series of mysterious arsons have plagued Metropolis. In this issue, we see a dichotomy here where Clark plays a more important role as he can interact with various groups of people in a way that Superman can’t.


Even the cover of the issue states “As Metropolis burns, only one man can save it.. Clark Kent! This isn’t to promote journalism but to simply bring forward the notion that despite having all the powers in the world, Superman can’t do everything on his own. And obviously, he can’t save the city from fires by landing punches. We see Superman in a more “detective” style, where Kent does all the research while Superman uses that information to question people. The way Bendis has amalgamated both the personalities is really commendable and this does give the fans a few compelling moments.

When it comes to digging information, we often think of Batman but Bendis here succeeds in making the readers realise that even Superman has a day job which does require a lot of reasoning. Okay, we know he gets great Superman stories because he is Superman but nevertheless, Kent is man of sheer will and determination. Superman is also seen as a suspect in this by Deputy Fire Chief Melody Moore and this instigates him to dig further into the case. She even summons Superman to question him and he quells all her concerns, in a way an accused man answers to someone in authority.

This is exactly where the detective aspect of the storyline comes out the brightest and we just can’t wait for more issues to roll in.

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