The DC Comics issue ‘Teen Titans’ has revealed a lot of different aspects related to what the actual of a teenage superhero looks like. If you are excited to know about what the #Teen Titans spoilers contain, then you can read the below article at your own risk. It is said that Teen Titans includes certain aspects of Supernatural.

The most loved Supernatural series!

Some traces of supernatural found in Teen Titans #40
A still from Supernatural

The ‘Teen Titans’ issue highlights where Titans seem to be in desperate need to search for Djinn. Djinn appears to be in the hands of literal Purgatory. Confused by words, the Titans seem perplexed while going to the darkroom. The above start is set to link to Sam and Dean Winchester’s adventures. Klemmer has claimed in a recent interview that we had been planning to set the entire episode in the modern-day Vancouver.

Traces of Supernatural found in Teen Titans #40

Teen Titans #40 links to Supernatural
Sam and Dean in Supernatural

The idea was to create a full-on horror-filled environment, and thereby they arrived at the approach to merge the Legends with the crew of Supernatural. The producers had high hopes; however, unfortunately, Sam and Dean could not get to make the scene since they were considered to be busy with their show. The preview of Teen Titans that recently came up has led people to think that Supernatural is very much part of the DC universe.

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The issue highlights the fact that Damian Wayne is all seen giving explanations to his teammates regarding how they would soon be a part of hell. The link between Supernatural and Teen Titans can be understood since they both have a joint owner that is Warner Bros. Teen Titans #40 is now available for sale in stores.

Initially, the Supernatural was set to be 5 season show; however, it somehow has now touched its 15th season. It is slated that this might be the last season. However, the traces of Supernatural in the latest Teen Titans #40 prove the other way round. Have a look at the following video,

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