Rumors of several actors making a cameo in Deadpool 3 are flying wild and high. And joining the bandwagon of possible appearances is Taylor Swift. The All Too Well singer is rumored to make her debut in the MCU with the third installment of the Ryan Reynolds-led franchise.

Multiple instances and factors signal the rumor to be true. Even as everything is to be taken with a grain of salt, Swifties are rejoicing at the possibility of seeing their face on the silver screen.

X Men Superhero Dazzler in Deadpool 3

Marvel President Kevin Feige
Marvel President Kevin Feige

Marvel President Kevin Feige once revealed his favorite character from Marvel Comics to be a superheroine featured in X: Men.

Quoting a tweet reporting the rumors, Fandango journalist Erik Davis recounted an instance of him speaking with Feige. The tweet reads:

If any future possibilities of Kevin Feige directing a movie are taken in reference, Dazzler making an appearance in Deadpool 3 is not that far-fetched.

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Furthermore, as the news of Swift possibly joining the MCU circulates, fans start to wonder if were there clues they didn’t see.

Taylor Swift making an appearance in Deadpool 3 wouldn’t be the biggest shock as Ryan Reynolds has teased an appearance from her in the movie.

The Green Lantern star has previously released a teaser for the film, which the Swifties’ keen eyes noticed was shot in the same place as the singer’s All Too Well: The Short Film.

While Reynolds didn’t confirm it, he didn’t ambush the rumors either. Noting in an interview last year, that he would love for it to happen.

“Are you kidding me? I would do anything for that woman. She’s a genius.”

Swift potentially debuting as an MCU Superhero has ensued chaos in both fandoms.

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Traits Taylor Swift Shares with Dazzler


The Mutant Dazzler from the X-Men comics holds a great resemblance to Taylor Swift. With both having blue eyes, and blonde hair and being pop music idols in their respective universes, performing in sparkly outfits; it’s hard for it to get better than this.

Swift is certainly a free spirit to be game for making an appearance.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Even though the singer would basically be playing herself, she has shown herself to possess great acting skills in the past.

Making appearances in films such as Valentine’s Day, The Giver, and Cats, and TV shows like CSI and New Girl.

It remains to be seen if Swift orchestrate any of her infamous treasure hunts for her possible appearance in the threequel of the Deadpool franchise.

Deadpool 3 might see a delay in its release due to the ongoing WGA and SAG -AFTRA strikes, but no such announcement has been made as of yet. Presently, it is set to be released on May 3, 2024.

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