Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department, is getting a lot of attention, not just for its songs but also because fans think there are hidden messages in the lyrics.

The singer’s notoriously dedicated fanbase, the ‘Swifties,’ are known for their passionate interpretations of her music. But this time, their analysis has taken a pretty dark turn, with fans accusing her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn of infidelity based solely on lyrics in her new album.

Taylor Swift
The Tortured Poets Department

The Tortured Poets Department is Swift’s eleventh studio album. Because of all this guessing and talking, the album’s artistic side is getting overshadowed.

It has become more than just album and turned into a treasure hunt for Swifties. While the real meaning behind the lyrics may remain elusive, the burning question is: Is Joe Alwyn truly the target of T-Swizzle’s sharp words?

Taylor Swift’s New Song Lyrics Ignite Joe Alwyn Cheating Speculation

Joe Alwyn as Gideon Brodess in Harriet
Joe Alwyn as Gideon Brodess in Harriet

The online storm started with The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived, a standout track from the album The Tortured Poets Department. Lyrics such as “You’ll confess why you did it/ And I’ll say good riddance/ Cos it wasn’t sexy once it wasn’t forbidden” and “You deserve prison, but you won’t get time” got fans talking. They saw these words as Taylor Swift accusing Joe Alwyn of cheating on her. 

Social media became a battleground, with Swifties bombarding Alwyn with accusations. The anger even reached comments on the Harriet star’s older posts. However, neither celebrity publicly accused the other of wrongdoing. Swift and Alwyn began dating in 2016 and reportedly split in April 2023 after six years together.

While the couple hasn’t publicly revealed the exact reasons for their breakup, news reports have cited several factors. Sources close to the couple told People that they simply grew apart over time.

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Entertainment Tonight  reported that Swift’s extroverted personality clashed with the 33-year-old actor’s “introverted, shy, and quiet” nature. As per the same source, the breakup “was more of Taylor’s Decision.”

Taylor Swift’s Emotional Lyrics in Another TTPD Song Hint at Breakup Woes with Matty Healy

The 1975 - Sincerity Is Scary
Matty Healy in The 1975 – Sincerity Is Scary

Taylor Swift, famous for her storytelling lyrics, might just be using her artistic skills to show how much a breakup hurts. Another song from the album, Down Bad, talks about how awful it feels to have a relationship end. Lines like “For a moment, I knew cosmic love/ Now I’m down bad, cryin’ at the gym” really show the pain.

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Some fans think lines like “Did you take all my old clothes just to leave me here naked and alone” mean Tay is talking about her ex Matty Healy, while others think it’s more about feeling totally exposed emotionally.

Swift and Healy dated for a few months in 2023, almost ten years after their first rumored romance. Are these songs the true story of her breakup, or a powerful artistic expression of heartbreak? Only the pop-queen knows for sure.

The Tortured Poets Department was released on April 19, 2024, through Republic Records. The album is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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